Wonderful performances

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friend Patricia Gass told me I must write up the recent Bach’s Lunch recital at Holy Cross.

I told Father Ard that this one was the best one yet, and he said they are all very good. Same with the Community Chorus; I told Art Brown that this one was their best yet, and he said “You said that last time.”

I replied to Father Ard’s comment that “Concerts are like steak—the one you are hearing or eating now is the best yet!”

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First off, Dr. Susan Lyle proved once again that she is a most sensitive and able accompanist. Of course, she was initially supporting one of her many pupils, soprano Suzanne Brown. I think Bach would be pleased by Suzanne’s singing; I certainly was.

Kelly Vaneman brought two oboes to demonstrate her obvious mastery of the “ill wind that no one blows good.” I could not tell them apart, but I was listening more to how she played the music. As I told her, the instruments most capable of musical nuances, i.e. the double reeds and the violin family, demand an artist capable of producing these nuances. I assured Kelly that I thought she “blowed it good.”

Then young fiddler Zoe Kushubar proved my point, as she played a whole selection from a Bach Partita in double stops. Her intonation was always right on (to my ears, at least) and her musicianship brought some “Bravos!” from an appreciative audience.

I have heard the Thais Meditation all of my adult life, but never more beautifully realized. This from a double major in violin performance and chemistry!

I studied piano and violin, so I am acquainted with some of the problems they present. This background especially enables me to appreciate the music I hear: I go to enjoy, so I do.

Garland Goodwin, Columbus