Polk amends road-naming law

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 10, 2018

COLUMBUS — Polk County residents will now have to pay $100 to rename a road or request an address be given to a property with no structures.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met Monday, and unanimously approved amendments to the county’s ordinance regulating addressing and road naming or re-naming.

County attorney Jana Berg said essentially what the county did was provided for properties to apply for an address regardless, of whether they had an addressable structure.

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Commissioners said in past meetings they wanted to allow for properties without structures to have an address for emergency purposes, so emergency services could find the properties.

Properties without structures will have to apply to be able to have a numbered address.

Berg also said the amendments provide for a road to be renamed as well as adding campground resorts to the ordinance, so they will have lot numbers like mobile home parks do.

The county is still working on an ordinance for campgrounds in un-zoned areas of the county. Berg said she plans to work on that ordinance, which will have a definition of what a campground is as well as standards for emergency purposes.

Residents will have to pay a $100 fee to rename a road and address a property without an addressable structure.

Berg said with the amendments, property owners who are requesting to rename a road, the property owner would also be responsible for the cost of the new signage for the road, in addition to the $100 fee. Road signs are required to be the standard green background with white lettering.

“There shall be a fee of $100 for filing an application to re-name a street or to assign or re-assign a property address,” states the amended ordinance. “If approved, the applicant shall pay the county the cost of the new signage plus installation.”