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Green Creek Hounds Hunter Pace March 18

On Sunday, March 18, Green Creek Hounds will continue the fun  of the Western Carolina Hunter Pace with their annual Spring Pace. The rain date is March 25.

Equestrians will get a chance to ride a beautiful course set in the foothills of North Carolina. Jumps are inviting, the views are spectacular, and the theme is “Join the fun that is Green Creek Hounds.” There will be two courses, one for jumpers and one for trail riders. The trails are not open to the public and only may be ridden on at a Green Creek Hounds event or by permission of the owner.

Come join the Green Creek Hound members at the Pace for a day full of activity. Lunch will be served and as always there will be wonderful homemade desserts.

Contact Marion Connor at 704-996-0368 if you have questions. Visit www.wchpace.org for flyer and directions.

– Submitted by Deborah Bundy