This country needs help

Published 5:27 pm Friday, February 16, 2018

I am a Republican looking at DACA.

Hopefully many of these young adults can do much to help our country in the future if this immigration bill is passed.

This country needs help.

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1. It needs help in paying down our national debt. Perhaps in the future these recipients can voluntarily pay two to three times their taxes owed, with this money earmarked for the reduction of the national debt which was expanded to help them.

2. It needs help in re-establishing marriage and traditional values. Most Dreamers come from countries strongly immersed in traditional values. This country’s glorification of the single mother and Hollywood values has resulted in a surge of homeless men and, most tragically, a huge population of fatherless children in our public schools.

We need help, and we also need to learn from our mistakes. The cost of the wall is but a drop in the bucket when you consider future expenses related to illegal immigration: continuing “free”medical benefits, education, housing, food and security, etc.

Both President Clinton and President Obama, as well as many others in the past expressed a need for changes in our immigration system, but nothing happened.

We need to pass President Trump’s policy which agrees with many Democrats’ ideas…to be effective now…and not 10 years in the future!

Jane Haeflinger, Tryon