Can we all get along? I hope so.

Published 3:00 pm Friday, February 2, 2018

To Ms. Mazzullo of Columbus (Jan. 23 Bulletin): in my letter on Jan. 21, I didn’t accuse everyone disagreeing with me of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I specifically stated that I recognized it ‘among the mainstream media and others’. Ms.Mazzullo characterized my response to Ms. Jones’ letter in the Jan. 18 Bulletin as “uncivil and disrespectful.” It wasn’t I who referred to someone, as Ms.Jones did to the President, as “mentally ill…ignorant, stupid and meaner than a junkyard dog.”  She did not engage in civil, respectful dialogue but rather in a hate-filled diatribe.She did not put forth a thoughtful essay on policy- she accused the President of being aligned with hate groups.

Ms. Mazzullo, you also did not address any policy in a thoughtful manner, but repeated the calumnies that the Trump administration engages in “divisiveness, intolerance and prejudice.”

I am always ready to engage in civil debate: I believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, a strong military, secure borders, fair trade and, especially, respect for the Constitution. I am not being divisive, intolerant or prejudiced.

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Can we all get along? I hope so, but not at the expense of the free, vigorous debate that our Founders expected and built into our system.

Eugene Comiskey, Tryon, N.C.