President Trump’s Maginot Line

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, February 1, 2018

President Trump should take note of what happened in France during World War Two. The French sat fat dumb and happy expecting their Maginot Line to protect them. They spent their money to build a massive wall to keep out the Hun instead of equipping their Army with modern weapons and training.

Hitler’s staff wasn’t dumb. They didn’t attack the wall. They invaded Belgium and the Netherlands bypassing the wall. Then they ran their Panzers through the Ardennes, an area the French Staff regarded as unsuitable for attack. The battle lasted six weeks with France capitulating and the British scurrying back across the channel using every boat they could requisition from their channel residents.

A wall to keep out illegals will suffer the same fate. Desperate people and criminals will always find a way to bypass a fixed barrier. We would be much better off investing our money in drones to observe and police the border, radar sites to detect incursion, and quick response teams using helicopters to get to the action.

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Joe Jackan, Tryon, N.C.