A monument to stupidity?

Published 4:26 pm Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mr. Morris recently published a letter in the TDB concerning the wall President Trump proposes to build along our southern border. In his letter he compares this wall with others in the past and comes to the conclusion that it is stupid to build it. He uses three examples of wall building to demonstrate his point, The Great Wall of China, The Hadrian Wall in Britain and the Berlin Wall. As most liberals do, he leaves out a lot of details so as to make his point whether it is true or not. I would like to add these omitted facts to the conservation and then make my assumption on the stupidity of the wall.

Despite its long history, the Great Wall of China as it exists today was constructed mainly during the mighty Ming dynasty 1368-1644. That indicates that the wall helped protect China for 276 years. That seems to me to be a rather effective structure.

The Hadrian Wall in Britain was an active military line for some 300 years with regiments of men from the auxiliary army’s infantry or cavalry manning each fort. Again, this seems a very effective structure

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The Berlin Wall was never built to keep people out it was built to keep people in, and was torn down because of a political movement from within the communist country; therefore, it is not applicable to this discussion.

However, comparisons of the two other walls, are merely straw men liberals use to confuse the real question. These walls were built to keep out warring armies bent on destroying those protected by them. Trumps wall has a completely different purpose, it will be built to keep out criminals not armies. This distinction is major and to confuse it with the purpose of the other walls is to me a monument to stupidity. Also, if it would work as long as the previously mentioned walls, it will be a very smart investment in the future of this country.

As final proof of the effectiveness of a wall to keep out criminals, all you need do is Google Nancy Pelosi’s or Barack Obama’s house and you will see the effective use of a wall completely around their homes.

Dan Loudermelt, Mill Spring, N.C.