Tryon gets healthier with acupuncture, yoga

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, January 30, 2018

TRYON – “We can treat any type of pain,” said Candice Behan, owner of Clover Acupuncture and Wellness Studio in Tryon. Behan holds a master’s degree in oriental medicine and is board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.   

Candice Behan

Behan just opened the Clover studio at 157 N. Trade in January. She not only offers acupuncture, but also includes classes in yoga, essential oils and other overall holistic health classes.  

“We’re hoping to find a local licensed massage therapist and a nutritionist, so we can offer those treatments as well,” she said, adding that a nutritionist on staff would allow her to offer nutrition classes.  

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Behan has practiced and lectured in Dublin, Ireland and Florida. She and her husband, Simon, moved to Lake Lanier from Ireland six months ago. They chose the area because Behan’s parents, Bill and Sandy Scheu, live nearby in Landrum.  

Though for years Behan has specialized in women’s health, she is excited to be expanding her practice to cover all types of health issues. “Most people try acupuncture for pain,” she said, adding that it is great for treating headaches, back, shoulder or knee pain, sciatica and other pain issues. 

Behan uses acupuncture to treat many other types of health issues including mental and emotional disorders, high anxiety and stress issues, skin problems, fertility issues and many more. 

According to Behan, studies have shown acupuncture to be more effective in pain management than steroids. She said acupuncture doesn’t mask the symptoms like may pain killers, is longer lasting and is designed more for an individual’s needs. Though the practitioner uses small fine needles to stimulate healthy energy patterns in the body, Behan said the treatment does not hurt. 

“I follow the Japanese method which is more gentle than the Chinese,” she said. “I like it gentle.” 

Behan also works with the studio’s yoga instructors, Deborah Caniglia and Lily Quinn, to offer combination yoga and acupuncture sessions. She can also help people with choosing the right Chinese herbs to support their wellness and sells lava rock jewelry infused with essential oils. 

The studio is offering a grand opening special of a free acupuncture consult for those who ask. Acupuncture treatments are appointment only and classes are held Tuesdays through Saturdays. For more information contact Behan at 864-415-2925 or visit