Polk appearance commission to help fund new planters in Columbus

Published 8:38 pm Monday, January 29, 2018

COLUMBUS – The Polk County Appearance Commission recently awarded Columbus funding to plant new greenery at the corner of town hall.

Columbus Town Council met Jan. 18 and heard from councilman Robert Williamson. Williamson said he and town manager Tim Barth prepared a grant application for the work. The town will pay 50 percent of the costs and the appearance commission will pay the other half.

Williamson said the appearance commission is also working on another project in front of the courthouse, as the planters there were damaged during the brick work. Williamson said the appearance commission is looking for other projects to improve the appearance of the town.

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Councilman Mark Phillips asked if the town can look at the planters downtown, from Southern Manners to Blanton Street.

Williamson responded that project could be considered in the appearance commission’s next cycle of projects.

Williamson added that for the town hall planter project, officials worked with the Garden Patch to order the right types of plants for the area so there will be no maintenance.