Saluda’s Holland studies in Tanzania

Published 3:25 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wofford College’s Interim is a time for exploration and experiential learning away from the rigors of traditional academic courses for students and faculty alike. Students may choose from a variety of on-campus courses, professional internships and research projects, study abroad opportunities or their own independent study project, approved and guided by a faculty adviser. More than 200 students chose to study abroad during Interim 2018.

Alexandra Holland is studying abroad in Tanzania while participating in the Interim course: Sustainability in Africa: Hike, Bike and Safari in the Shadows of Kilimanjaro. This course will focus on sustainability, ecotourism, and leadership. Students will read texts, discuss, and present on all of these topics, both on campus and while traveling. While in Tanzania, students will visit start-up organizations which have a focus on critical issues for community sustainability, maternal health, economic empowerment, K-12 education transformation, and tourism. Holland is from Saluda.

– submitted by Laura Corbin

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