Kudos to Ms. Booker for listening to concerns on Dallara Project

Published 5:21 pm Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Some may have read my recent letter concerning my feelings about the Dallara Project and my disagreement with both the project and the way it is being put through without what I believe to be the proper consideration of citizens’ opinions and needs. This was the second time I have voiced my somewhat negative opinion of this project and, mainly because I got absolutely no response or even acknowledgement on the first, I fully expected this one to fall on deaf and disinterested ears at town council as well!

Please accept this letter as my appreciation and gratitude to one of the town council members (the newest, as it turns out) who graciously took the time and made the effort to acknowledge and call to discuss my opinion.

Because of this council member’s interest and effort to make that call, I know, for the first time, that at least one of our town council members truly cares what we all think.

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We had a nice discussion and while there was obviously no resolution or even the promise of one, there was interest, and it was, I think, genuine! My sincere thanks goes to Chrelle Booker for her call, her interest, and her sincere effort to let me know that someone on the Tryon Town Council is in fact listening! Kudos to you, Ms. Booker!

Maybe there is hope after all for an open, engaged, and citizen-oriented town government. I sure hope so!

 Jim Cole, Tryon, N.C.