Otto finds a home

Published 5:41 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Occasionally there are one or two dogs at Foothills Humane Society who literally seem invisible to visitors, rarely receiving the attention that more excitable dogs get. Most of the staff believe this comes about because the dog does not rush forward demanding attention, or rise up with an enthusiastic wag of their tail.

Such a dog was our Otto, a reddish brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a wrinkled forehead typical of the Shar Pei breed. The wrinkles gave this dramatically muscular boy a curious and comical look. Otto was not fond of other animals, an attitude that makes selection of an adopter a bit of a challenge. In a rural area it is common for potential adopters to have multiple animals as pets, narrowing the possibility of matching an adopter with a dog such as Otto.

But before Christmas, a client came in wanting to look. He admitted that he himself did not really want a dog, however that was all his wife had wanted for Christmas. Bill had no discriminating attitude about breeds and preferred a calm, medium sized dog. This was our big chance to show off Otto!

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Waddling forward like a Sumo wrestler, Otto came out with pride, trotting alongside Bill up to the pavilion to get acquainted. As they returned to the adoption office, goose bumps ran up my arms when I saw the grin on Bill’s face while I wished for this to be the one.

Bill Benson took Otto home on a trial basis to allow time for his wife to determine whether he would fit into their family as hoped. And, as sometimes happens, the person in the family who least wanted a new pet falls in love with it.

Let your heart be glad to hear that on Thursday, Bill brought in a basket of apples as a gift to the staff from Otto and his family. It seems that the bond is already strong. Otto sits faithfully by his side, riding along in his truck as business is conducted. The match was well made and as we finalized the adoption, Bill promised to visit with Otto again. After all, there is nothing that warms our hearts as much as an adopter returning with an animal we have loved.

As each dog shows joy, clearly recognizing those who taught it to trust again, who religiously took tender care of it, feeding, bathing, exercising or seeing to its medical needs, each of us takes pleasure in showing those dogs that without question, we appreciate their affection.

To the Benson family, we say thank you for opening your home and heart to our handsome Otto and yes, please visit often..

– article by Sharon Rose