Comments on The Dallara Project

Published 3:56 pm Thursday, January 4, 2018

I have made my feelings known about this in an earlier email and obviously that opinion was discarded. So I just have one question that I think needs to be addressed by our town government. Once the total cost of creating this ill-advised and poorly funded project, and maintain it on an ongoing basis has been determined (and I don’t think any of us know at this point) then it would be prudent to know how many Polk County tax payers, income and property, would “vote” for this to be done. I don’t think the town knows and it sounds like they don’t care either, which is plain and simple, lazy, self-interested, government at its worst. It is a shame to take a jewel like Harmon Field and screw it up just to fuel town officials’ egos! I live here too and my feelings, and those of many others should be seriously considered.

Jim Cole, Tryon, N.C.

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