8 to 10 speed changes on my way to work

Published 2:59 pm Monday, December 18, 2017

I start to work on a normal day. Start out on the highway 55 is the speed limit out of the driveway. Then I head to the curves 40 mph, then 35…oops passing the High School going back up to 40. So that’s it until you get to Milliken. I now go down to 35 mph just until I pass the car wash. Then it’s 25 mph. OK I have got it made all the way through town. I have been working in Tryon for almost 12 years. Going the same route. Wait I am not done yet. After town, by the bank 35 mph past the library. Then back up to speed. 40 mph. But around the curves back down to 35. After the curves back up to 45 or it could be 40. Then when you pass the hardware store start slowing down cause it’s 35 mph the rest of the way to work. I have been traveling from Columbus to Tryon to work and in my 15 minute trip it takes 8 to 10 speed changes depending if you slow down for the curves. I am writing this article to inform the Columbus and Tryon Police Departments, that if you see an older women going a tad to slow or a tad to fast. I might be a little confused. So please have mercy.

Donna Del Medico, Columbus, N.C.

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