River Valley Pony Club Hunter Pace and Trail Ride results

Published 5:06 pm Monday, December 11, 2017

Ride benefitted Therapeutic Riding of Tryon

It was cold and windy early at Collinsville Meadows on Nov. 19. And, it was still cold and windy later on around noon. That didn’t stop 92 riders in 51 teams, though! Trailers were parked in both upper and lower levels of the meadows. Rigs were met at the gate and directed to parking areas.   

Land owners on the CETA trails who were very gracious in allowing riders to cross their property were Glenn Arledge, Barbara Claussen, Rick and Sue Gruber, Charles Morgan, Katrina Rosler, Danna and Harrison Smith, and Tony Walters.

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The River Valley Pony Club had their whole village working on this cold and windy day! Many thanks to the following volunteers: Shelley and Baylon Allen, Annemieke and Emelia Childers, Ivette Drumgool, Lisa Duscio, James and Madlyn Fox, Emelia and Eliza Frederick, Caprice and Darryl Fullam, Carla Fullam, Becky and Elizabeth Galloway, Elaine and Michaela Hughes, Tom Johnson, Carla and Sydney Langley, Bette Mann, Kaiya and Sasha Mann, Beth McGregor, Lynn and Sarah Moorshead, Denise Ritacco, Crystal and Emily, Robbins, Elise and Maddie Rogers, Addison and Alicia Sama, Billie Jean and Hyland Sheffron, Laura Smith, Ivey Sumrell, Autumn, Faith, Frank, and Stephanie Wanicka.

The volunteers were multi-tasking all day. The ladies at the registration table completed their task of making sure riders filled out and signed the necessary paperwork. The wonderful volunteers at the lunch table were bound and determined to make sure everyone ate. By the way, there was a scrumptious piping hot pasta dish, with vegetarian, gluten and dairy free option, salad complete with dressings, cookies and cakes! There were sodas and water available to quench the thirst.

Riders were sent off on the great adventure by Joey Cabaniss, the timer. As always, riders are sent out with a smile and a joke. Joey’s assistant held up ribbons to show what color to be on the lookout for on the trails. The start-finish line was along the wood line between the upper and lower meadows.

The trails were beautifully marked with both ribbons and signage with arrows. There were two wooden bridges to cross and one very nice creek crossing. Riders were taken through the woods and out onto beautiful green fields. There were natural jumps that riders had the option to take. It was a great day to ride!

Riders and their mounts were very well taken care of at the check point. The young ladies were Johnny on the Spot! Riders were able to have a cool beverage and there were buckets of water for their mounts. After the mandatory three-minute stop, riders were sent on their way.

There was a total of 52 riders in 29 teams in the Field Hunter Division. The Optimum time was one hour, 10 minutes.

Here are the results:

First place honors were awarded to Holly Bacola from Chesnee with a time one hour, ten minutes, 11 seconds. She was just a mere 11 seconds off the Optimum Time! Second place was awarded to another solo rider, Reiss McKinney from Inman. Reiss’s time was one hour, eight minutes, 32 seconds. The third place yellow ribbon went to Barb DePalma and Mary Livesay from Tryon with the time of one hour, seven minutes, nine seconds.

Pam Burrows from Spartanburg and TJ Vore from Rutherfordton placed fourth with the time of one hour, 13 minutes, 26 seconds. The fifth place pink went to Joy Griffin and Jessica Thomas from Pickens with a time of one hour, 14 minutes, one second. Rounding out the placements in the Field Hunter Division, taking the sixth place green were Amanda Aiello from Ellenboro, Nicola Deines from Landrum and Linda Plummer from Clover. Their time was one hour, 15 minutes, 15 seconds.

There were two riders in two teams who received an honorable mention! Debbie Croft from Anderson and Rebecca Tolson from Pendleton. An honorable mention is given to riders who are less than 30 seconds from Sixth Place.

Other Field Hunters out on the trails were Bertie and Mike Axelrod, Brian and Melanie Bare, Karen Brockway, Amy Christensen, Lisa Clemments, Alice Debbs, Jutta Echejarria, Caroline Eichler, Eliza and Emelia Frederick, Julie Frederick, Caprice Fullam, Elizabeth Gallaway, Amy Gantt, Christina Goen, Beth Goldizen, Gabbi Grubie, Sue Haldeman, Susan Haslam, Marcia Headrick, Diane Hicks, Sara Jackson, Sydney Langdon, Kaiya Mann, Nancy Mason, Karen Merrill, Emily Mitchell, Rich Neel, Amiella Nomichi, Arden Pierce, Rick Putnam, Maddie Rogers, Teresa Snyder, Heidi Trull, Faith Wanicka, and Sanders Wyatt.

In the Trail Division there were a total of 35 riders in 19 teams. The Calculated Optimum Time was one hour, 47 minutes, 38 seconds.

Here are those results:

Laura Hendley and Gene Pitts from Greer were awarded the first place blue ribbon with a time of one hour, 46 minutes, 51 seconds. Missy Bright, riding solo, from Campobello nabbed the second place red with the time of one hour, 48 minutes, 39 seconds. Erin Fletcher and Gene Pitts from Asheville were awarded third place with a time of one hour, 48 minutes, 49 seconds.

Fourth place was awarded to the duo of Michelle Drum from Campobello and Lori Kunkel from Newberry with the time of one hour, 46 minutes, 26 seconds. The fifth place pink was awarded to another duo, Meaghan Morris from Taylors and Nicole Aguilar from Lyman with a time of one hour, 46 minutes, nine seconds. Rounding out the placements in the Trail Rider Division were Mallie Mercie and Sherry Wyatt from Seneca with a time of one hour, 46 minutes, six seconds. They were just three seconds out of the fifth place slot.

There was one team who received an honorable mention! Caroline Coates from Travelers Rest and Natalie Swenson from Marietta finished with a time of one hour, 49 minutes, 25 seconds. They were also less than 30 seconds out of sixth place.

Other Trail Riders bundled up out on the trails were Auburn Bailey, Chris Bonary, Valaria DeVine, Lynn Fitch, Clara Hale, Harper Hockaday, Nikki Hynes, Lori James, Llyn Josef, Claire Kennedy, Debbie Knebel, Arlene Lulavage, Amy Palmer, Leslie Sheally, Karim Shihata, Jennifer Smith, Annette Spencer, Greenlee and William Taylor, Melissa Van Doren, and Stacie Wadsworth.

RVPC added a new opportunity for this Hunter Pace. This “Half Pace” is a new opportunity for an out of shape, young, old horse or an out of shape rider, or a less experienced rider to enjoy the trails and get the Hunter Pace experience and support this local Pony Club. There were five entries in this division. Gail Bolt, Karinn Delapp, Kristen Hughes on that big beautiful Friesian, Lin Martin, and Denise Ritacco.

Next for the 2017-2018 Hunter Place Series was the Windridge Fall Hunter Pace and Trail Ride on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017. Windridge was the last Hunter Pace before the holidays roll in. When the series picks up in 2018, the S.C. Upstate Equine Council Hunter Pace will be on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018 at Fant’s Grove Trails, just behind T. Ed Garrison Arena.

To save some time and crowds at the registration tables, download the registration forms from the Western Carolina Hunter Pace website for the specific event and slap a return address label on it including your emergency contact and email to ensure you can be contacted. Some forms don’t have a spot for an address but go ahead and write it somewhere on the form or use the aforementioned label!

Check the website at www.wchpace.org for upcoming events, changes, and to view your photos taken by photographer Lou Smith. With the weather being so unpredictable here of late, rain dates are in place in case of a postponement.

See you on the trails next time!

– submitted by Jan Smith