Special Cases: So much to be thankful for

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, November 30, 2017

I often receive thank you letters, photos and/or emails from animals and people that I’ve helped.  When an animal that I have saved is doing well or finds a good home, I thank all the people who’ve helped and the good Lord.

Kayla Parrish who’s had my Tanner for a few months now, a dog that had spent the first year of his life in a cage and needed to be socialized.  Though he was a loving boy when Kayla took him on for me, he was fearful of everything.  I had periodic updates on his progress and he came around beautifully for Kayla and her group.  I recently received word that a family has fallen in love with Tanner and he is on a two week trial with (hopefully) adoption in the future.  Thank you Kayla for always being there when I ask and thank you Lord for another one of my special angels.

When I received the call about Higgins, a black and tan Yorkshire terrier, who needed dental work and this normally 4 ½ pound boy was down to 3 pounds.  I know the family had been going through some tough times and I had worked with them one time before and witnessed the love and care they gave their animals.  The work Higgins needed was extensive and expensive and the family needed help for their precious little boy.  I put Higgins in Dr. Lara Anderson’s hands where some major surgery was performed with two extractions.  The initial bill before Uncle Lennie’s discount was over $500.  Higgins is doing beautifully and has become his old self again without any pain.  Best of all he’s gained nearly ½ of a pound back.

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Thank you Shirley and family for the love you have for little Higgins.  Thanks Dr. Lara and most of all, thank you once again Lord for giving me the ability to help Your precious creatures.

I recently received a beautiful thank you card from the Mahon’s for helping their cat Lester at Bonnie Brae’s.  They’ve also asked me to once again thank Dr. Ian Fitch for the successful surgery, which I’ve already done.  I’ve been told the Mahon’s have been making music together since 1965 and have sent me 3 CD’s which I will listen to soon. They’re entitled “Straight from the heart”, music to feed your soul.  I am honored but most of all, I’m humbled for in their card they expressed “We hold you in our prayers and in our hearts always.

Thank you Lord for the blessings You’ve bestowed upon me, I am ever grateful and promise to keep my vow to do whatever a can “for the least of these.”

Thanks for listening.