Special Cases: How my cases are chosen

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, November 16, 2017

How are my cases are chosen? Actually, most of the time my cases choose me, but they are nearly always recommended by a vet or rescue I work with. These are the people I trust the most when it comes to the needs of the people and the welfare of the animals.

One I worked with recently is Kelly Sulik, DVM of Animoblile, the mobile veterinary service. Many of you may have read the wonderful column she has put together regarding animal health and care, right here in the Bulletin. What many of you may not know is that she does lots of pro bono work for the Foothills Humane Society shelter. The folks and the animals in our area are blessed to have her join our team.


I was asked if I could help Dakota, a 75-pound dog that needed vaccines and some workups. I didn’t even ask any other information, all I asked was, “Send me the bill and see if they can pay what they can.” The bill has been received and paid, the dog is doing fine, and I’ve recently received a payment via money order. It’s amazing what can be done when good people work together.

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When Jodie from Landrum Vet called me about Carrie, a 4-year-old calico cat that was in trouble, I first spoke with Dr. Lara and then Rhonda, Carrie’s mom and owner. It seems our little girl Carrie got away for seven days and came back dragging her front leg. Whatever she got into, her leg was so damaged that amputation was all that could be done. 

Rhonda was frantic when we spoke because the estimate was around $700 and she didn’t have the money.

“Take her in tomorrow morning and I’ll meet you there,” I said. “First we’ll help Carrie, you just pay what you can and I’ll cover the rest. Don’t worry dear, your little girl will be fine.”

Carrie’s leg has been taken. She is on the mend and doing wonderfully.

I know I can’t help them all but with the good Lord’s help, perhaps I can help those most in need.

The times I must say no weigh on me heavily but I have to use my instinct and pray that my decisions are correct. I also must be careful of how I spend the monies afforded to my kids by my great team of angels.

Till next time, thanks for listening.