Special Cases: Our loyal canines

Published 4:33 pm Thursday, October 19, 2017

I received a wonderful email from J.P. and Judith, the former owners of Lavender Bistro.  J.P.’s father was ill and they decided to move to France to be near him.

Joey, their little Bichon Frise, was bitten by a brown recluse spider about a week before their departure. J.P. and Judith were dear friends and loyal, strong supporters of Lennie’s kids and I jumped at the chance to be of assistance.

Joey’s fur had shed where he was bitten and it looked like a patch on his side was burnt. As he was, he wouldn’t be allowed on the plane and Judith called me fearing she would lose her boy. 

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“Don’t worry dear,” I told her, “I’ll see Joey gets well and whatever it takes, I’ll get him back to you in France.”

The email told me how well Joey is doing and that he has a new Bichon as a playmate. It also expressed how often they think of me and my kindness toward Joey and all the animals.

My kids have paid me back through many of the wonderful owners I’ve gotten to know.

Odin and Lily were brother and sister Great Pyrenees goat herders in California. Odin had the 12-hour night shift and Lily had the days. The goats were very valuable animals and the dogs took their duties quite seriously. During the wildfires, the wind was sweeping the fire down the valley at a record pace and the family was desperately trying to catch up Odin but he wouldn’t leave the herd. Some cars actually caught fire, so with Lily in the car the family tearfully left Odin behind.

The next morning some of the area was still smoldering and the family went back to inspect what was left of their property. All of a sudden, over the hill, fur and whiskers singed, limping on three legs came Odin. He had damaged his leg and was lightly burned but somehow he made it through the fire. More than that, all the goats were with him safe and sound, and somehow he had picked up two fawns that were clinging to Odin for protection.

Odin is not the exception; he is the rule of all our canine brothers whose loyalty and courage are without boundaries in their love of us.

Dear Lord, if only we had more people who can behave like their precious gift You’ve given us.

Here’s to you, Odin, and all you rescue and service dogs that show us the way.

Thanks for listening.