Special Cases: Back on the roller coaster

Published 5:18 pm Thursday, October 12, 2017

I received the call concerning Skigs, a 5-year-old Boston Terrier, about two weeks ago. 

The owner was frantic. The little fella had gotten into something and was having trouble keeping its balance. I asked what vet they used and was told Landrum Vet.

“Get Skigs down there right away and tell them you talked to me. We’ll help him first and work out the fees later.”

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Skigs was brought to Landrum Vet and looked after by a dear friend, Dr. Lara Bailey. It was learned that he had gotten into rat poison and after proper meds, his recovery was touch and go. 

The following day after dialysis I went to the vet to check on Skigs. The poor boy looked like he was suffering and I learned his prognosis wasn’t good. I went back and opened his cage and gently placed my hand on his head. I don’t believe he even knew I was there. 

“Dear Lord, please allow whatever is best for this boy, he’s in Your hands,” I whispered.

My intention was to tell Skigs’ story but I never actually got to meet him. Skigs was humanely put to sleep and I went home both physically and emotionally drained.

“I’m going to lay down a while,” I told my wife Elaine. “I’m exhausted.” 

Charma, my 6-year-old Boxer, came by the couch and laid her head next to mine. She could sense that I wasn’t right and the thought of the day when I’ll have to say goodbye to her just flooded me with tears. I patted the couch and Charma jumped up in an instant.  I think at that moment Charma would have faced an army to protect her Daddy.

Baby Girl

Later in the week, Baby Girl came to my attention, a 3.5-pound cream colored Chihuahua.  Baby Girl is 7 years old and too sweet for words. I’d helped Baby Girl before and her owner said, “No matter how long it takes, I’ll pay you back.” Some extensive dental work was done with one minor extraction. Baby Girl came through beautifully and showered me with kisses of thanks.

I left the vet’s office and went outside. I sat on the bench and prayed. “I know it’s all in Your hands Lord, thank you for Baby Girl. This old heart can’t take too many more failures.”

Thanks for listening.