Special Cases: Making the best of my time

Published 6:10 pm Thursday, September 28, 2017

On my last visit to my urologist, I learned that an old friend is back. This is now the fifth tumor I’ve developed on my bladder. Due to my recent four-way bypass heart surgery, the doctors want to wait at least six months before they’ll put me under, so we’ll probably be handling this after the first of the year. I’ll be finishing up my cardiac therapy by then so my heart will be stronger. No complaints on this end, just trying to explain why I miss my weekly article now and then.

I have been busy, though. In my spare time, three cases have been handled and one just picked up this morning. When all is said and done, I’ll have spent nearly $4,000 from Lennie’s fund, but the vets and those I’m helping are doing their best to contribute.


Lester, a tuxedo cat, had a tumor that needed removing. My good friend Dr. Fitch at Bonnie Brae brought it to my attention. Ian called the procedure a lumpectomy. The bill was slightly over $1,000 and I paid slightly over $700. The operation was a success and Lester is doing fine to the delight of his owners who are deeply grateful.


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Tippy is a 4-year-old female Dachshund, tan in color and cute as a button. Kelly from Landrum Vet was deeply distressed and crying because Tippy had lost all use of her hind legs. Tippy was sent to Upstate with a promise that I’d help. I told Kelly, “Just tell them that Tippy is one of Lennie’s kids.” 

Tippy had some kind of disc problem, which I’m told is fairly common in Dachshunds. After another successful operation, Tippy is standing and walking again and Lennie’s fund paid $2,000, slightly more than half.  By the way, I did get kisses of thank you from Tippy; I think I made out on that deal.

Cujo, an older black and white Pomeranian, was attacked by the neighbor’s Pit Bull. I can’t go into details but the owners did their best but ran out of money. Uncle Lennie had Cujo’s stitches redone and a tube replaced at Landrum vet. Cujo is coming along fine; I just pray he’ll be safe from now on. Kisses of thank you came from Cujo, too. I said, “You’re welcome” with a tear drop in his fur.

I helped a little Chihuahua this morning. The old lady needed teeth work and the owners have promised to pay it all back, a little at a time. I pray they’re telling the truth, there are so many in need. Meanwhile the little girl is doing fine. 

I guess the good Lord gives me just enough time to handle what He sends me.

Thanks for listening.