Special Cases: Celebrating life

Published 3:52 pm Thursday, September 14, 2017

I’m writing this column on 9/11 and I’ll admit that I still mourn the loss of life and honor those who sacrificed life and limb to save others.

We are in the midst of cleaning up after two major hurricanes and I tear up when I witness the bravery and heroism of the rescuers, both official and unofficial. To love this country is to love its people. If you must evaluate our country, don’t measure us by political differences; measure us by how we react during crises.

I have been writing about a whole group of animals in deep trouble, rescued from one family. Many people came together to help with Uncle Lennie’s Fund, handling most of the bills.

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I’ve been lamenting how full all the rescues are, and the fact that more may be coming to us as hurricane rescues. I’ve asked people to try to adopt and to support spaying and neutering. Sometimes those of us who rescue feel like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dam. I often pray for help and guidance and for any sort of support I can get. I don’t often tell how often people come up to me and hand me a check or cash saying, “This is for your kids, Lennie.” A quick thank you to my latest two (Chuck and Stuart) and this wasn’t their first time.

One of the rescues from the indigent family was Ginger, a 2-year-old little black Lab. I told about how last year when she was just slightly past one year old she had 11 pups that all died because she was suffering from malnutrition and did not make milk. Ginger was brought to Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels and before we could do anything, we learned she was pregnant again with seven or eight pups. Two things were on my mind: 1) Eight more added to the list that need homes, and 2) Will she make milk this time?

I visited Pet Tender Angels two days ago and saw Ginger and her eight new pups. By the way, she is making milk and the pups will be whelped in Lori’s house. I gave Ginger some treats and told her what a good mother she was.

Tears began to flow and I prayed, “Dear Lord, there is so much death and destruction in this world, we must always celebrate life when You present it to us.” So with God’s help and all the angels about us, we will find a way to celebrate life. After all, we are Americans!

Thanks for listening.