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Saluda denies signs on city property

SALUDA – After the City of Saluda got a request to allow signs on city property for businesses or other organizations, city council denied the request.

The request was made after the Methodist church had a sign at McCreery Park and the fire department that showed how to get to the church. Saluda Mayor Fred Baisden said in August that city manager Jonathan Cannon alerted him the sign was against the city’s ordinance, so Baisden said he took the sign down.

Saluda City Council met Monday, Sept. 11 and held a public hearing regarding the zoning ordinance amendment request to allow signs on city property.

Baisden said this week that some of the churches have signs on city property that have been there for 15-20 years. The city’s zoning ordinance does not allow signs on city property. Baisden said it was asked if the churches could continue to leave the signs there.

Cannon said no signs are grandfathered in the city’s zoning ordinance.

An audience member asked if that means a sign at the corner of Ozone Drive, which has been there for probably 70 years, has to go.

Baisden said from his understanding that sign is on private property and as long as they have written permission from the property owner, the sign can stay.

The planning board denied the request to allow signs on city property in August and Saluda Council agreed with the planning board’s recommendation during its meeting on Monday.