Where and when will it end?… continued

Published 5:09 pm Thursday, September 7, 2017

In Karl Kachadoorian’s letter to the editor printed on Friday, Sept. 1, he asks, “Where will it end?” He begins with the dismantling of our nation’s history with the assault on the Confederate flag and statues he stated “a huge mistake in his opinion”

He then went on about his worry about the Doughboy statue in Columbus being torn down. He neglected to separate the huge difference between the two. Doughboys fought in WW1. They were from all parts of the country.The statue in our town represents local men and boys that fell and those who served.

Just as those who paraded through Charlottesville, Va. waving the confederate flag failed to understand. The Doughboy statue represents the best of who we were in our past while the confederate flag represents a troubled past which when glorified today sends our citizens and especially our children the wrong message.

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It especially does because we have too many statues of the fallen brave souls that we lost. Not only in WWI represented by the Doughboy statue but also those who served and who we commemorate and that were lost fighting in WWII.

It answers his question “where will it end?” When we saw that flag he cherishes flown next to Nazi flags and hateful signs that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to eliminate.

I ask Mr. Kachadoorian to look in the mirror, do you not see that you found it necessary to perpetuate divisiveness when you attempted to belittle the statue of Nina Simone. She who hurt no one and was speaking out against bigotry when she left the country she loved.

To some of our neighbors she was a hero. She wanted the same question answered, Where & When Will It End? I think it will end but only when our country really lives by the Declaration of Independence, not just quotes from it. Some in the party of Abe Lincoln sure need to remember his words and not just his party affiliation.

Stanley Mazur

Mill Spring, N.C.