Saluda details street, sidewalk repairs for fiscal year

Published 5:07 pm Friday, August 25, 2017

SALUDA – The Saluda Board of Commissioners budgeted $100,000 this fiscal year to tackle some street and sidewalk repairs and heard an update on the plan recently.

City council met Aug. 14 and heard from city manager Jonathan Cannon on his plan to spend the transportation budget this fiscal year.

Cannon said after the city sets aside money for winter storm expenses and some expenses for transportation, the budget has approximately $100,000 to take care of some streets, sidewalks and signage in the city.

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“It may seem like a significant amount of money, but it’s really not,” Cannon said.

Last year, Saluda did quite a bit of work on Main Street, Cannon added, which has made a difference so far on the appearance of downtown.

Cannon said he would like city employees to continue to do the work, and proceed down Main Street with the sidewalk, which will cost approximately $35,000. That leaves $65,000 for other repairs to sidewalks and streets in town.

Cannon said he thinks staff can do the sidewalk downtown except for stamping the concrete.

Cannon said he is looking at using about $35,000 to fix some streets, including Chisholm, which has a number of potholes and a water leak that needs repaired. If the city overlays the street with two inches of asphalt, Cannon said he thinks they can get another 10 years out of it.

Maple Street is also on the list, as well as Pace Street, which has deteriorated significantly this year, Cannon said. The final street is Meadow View, in a problem area.

Cannon said those repairs to parts of the streets should cost between $35-$40,000, which will leave the city with approximately $25,000 for other issues. Cannon said in the spring, if Saluda has a light winter, there may be some money left to do other projects.

Commissioners agreed with the manager’s plan for street repairs.