Special Cases: Pulling together, making it happen

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, July 20, 2017

Before I begin telling my tale, I’d like you to check out Boo, the sweet old Schipperke we helped out at Bonnie Brae. She is doing well on her meds and hopefully she’ll bring many more years of joy.

Diva, the 1-year-old white Boxer with brown patches, is in a new and loving home.  Thanks to all who inquired about her. All I can say is that there are many more out there in need.

Last week I told of a rescuer I’ve been working with for years who deals with some of the most difficult cases. Through her ministry, Bobbi came across a household full of animals in a very bad way. Ginger, the 2-year-old lab was removed and brought to Landrum Vet. Lori Jewel from Pet Tender Angels took Ginger into her sanctuary and I covered expenses from Lennie’s Kids fund. Knowing Lori as I do, Ginger’s whole life will be turned around for the better.

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Bobbi was still frantic about all the animals left behind and their condition even though we rescuers know that there is only so much we can do.

The household has a bunch of Beagles (I believe six), two Chihuahuas, an old pit, lots of cats and kittens, and of course Ginger. These animals are all malnourished with skin problems, and they’re full of fleas and ticks.

What happened next cannot happen too often, simply because of logistics. Many of the rescue community got together with Bobbi and all the cats are at Landrum Vet being cared for and evaluated. Four of the Beagles have been caught up and two more are trying to be caught. They also are being cared for and evaluated and Joan, our Beagle lady, is on the job.

I’m told the pit has a sweet temperament, we’ll see what can be done. The owners are going to keep the two Chihuahuas and my 501(c)3 fund will handle whatever the rescues and rescuers can’t. I’ve spoken with Donna Raines and she’s more than willing to work with me and give me whatever discounts she can.

Now, I just have to take care of myself and continue the healing process, offer up lots of prayers, and we’ll save as many as we can.

In closing I’d like to thank the Polk County Commissioners and the many friends and supporters who were there at the Womack building Monday night to honor me and my work. I was deeply moved and humbled and I feel truly blessed. (See the Weekend edition for the full story on the commissioners’ meeting.)

Thanks for listening.