Fighting back

Published 9:45 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017


Well dear readers, it seems like I’m going to be around a little longer. I returned from Mission Hospital in Asheville after a successful four-way bypass. I’m beat up a bit and I’ll need a fairly long period to recuperate but I’ll be back.


I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful doctors and hospital staff your prayers have sent me. Also, for all the fantastic friends who have driven me to the hospital and doctors, with more visits for dialysis treatments pending.

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God bless you all, the support system is lined up and I can’t help but tear up at what a blessed man I am.


All that is in God’s hands, I now wish to give a quick run down of what He’s left in my hands, lest you think He saved me for nothing.


I have often spoken of Dax and Forest, two front line German Shepherds that were slotted for homes with slightly challenged children.


Forest had lost his leg due to an ailment that couldn’t be remedied. Forest went to our little girl and Dax (his brother) went to an autistic boy. Both animals are now two years old and the love and value they bring to their families is immeasurable.


Last year Dax contracted a rare flesh eating disease that if not treated properly would be life threatening. I have been seeing to Dax’s treatment and he seems to be improving weekly with the hope of ending his treatments in the near future.


One of the messages I received upon returning from the hospital was about Forest. It seems this odd disease is hereditary and Forest has contracted it with a vengeance. The family has given what they can and I’ve assured the specialists that I will handle whatever fees Forest requires.


I usually get help with such major cases but I thought to myself, “What if this is the last case I’m able to do?” Who is more blessed than I? I get to help another animal and I get to hug another child.


Thank you, dear Lord, for the blessings You’ve bestowed upon me and to all of you, my dear friends, thanks for being there, and thanks for listening.