Angels along for the ride

Published 9:35 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017

I would like to share an important story of my move and answered prayer.
On our move in January of this year, after packing our moving truck, the plan was to drive non-stop from West Palm Beach back to North Carolina. Knowing by leaving at 4 p.m. with three dogs in the wife’s car I would need my flashlight for the trip. I put it on the tailgate of the moving truck with the intention of bringing it into the truck cabin when I was ready to go.

As we were about to depart in the driveway we prayed for protection and that everything would work out for the long trip we were about to undertake. I remember praying for divine protection for our move.

As we drove out of the historical district of West Palm Beach, I remember thinking about how, with as bumpy as the roads were, I hoped our packing was good or we would surely have some broken glass.

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After about 100 miles of driving in lots of stop and go traffic on a very windy day, we stopped at a rest stop for the dogs to do their business. Returning to the truck, I did a quick walk around. There, just as I left it, was my Husky flashlight on the back tailgate still standing straight up.

“Oh wow!” I said, as I touched the flashlight to make sure it somehow was not attached in any way and wondering how it had survived such a bumpy ride.
I thought long and hard, then said, “Thank you, Lord for your Divine Protection.” As I write this now I am humbled at how God takes care of what some people may call small things.
I also see in my head a guardian angel riding on that back tailgate making sure it did not fall off. And then smiling at my astonishment.

Eric Bjorklund
Columbus N.C.