Adopt an animal this summer

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You may be a person who dramatically changes our world, but have you considered that you also may be a person who can absolutely change the world of a single animal?

Consider this: when you adopt a dog or a cat, by loving that animal, by patiently nurturing it past legitimate fears such as storm noises, sudden movement or smells foreign to it, the result can be a more fulfilled you.

Love of an animal can make your spirit soar and inspire you to meet morning light with renewed energy. Those innocent eyes urge you to press forward, as with vitality that animal expresses joy simply because you have finally awakened.

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Anxiety caused by night shadows might pass you or that animal by because neither of you are alone. Loss of a friend or loved one often leaves a hole in one’s heart but encouraged by that new pet’s unwavering and unconditional love, healing begins.

So make the move to step up and adopt an animal this summer. The walks you take together will strengthen your health and bring vitality to your spirit.

Staff members at Foothills Humane Society are determined to select the right animal to join your family and fit your lifestyle. But whether from Foothills or another of many rescues or shelters in western North Carolina, make the commitment and witness your life and that of the animal become richer.

Sharon Rose, Columbus, N.C.