Special Cases: Slowing down with age

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 25, 2017

Today’s tale will have two themes: first, my health, and second, the animals cared for this month.

I will be going in for my fourth removal of a bladder tumor on June 5. I was set for a stint or an angioplasty procedure at Mission Hospital due to a silent heart attack. They found too much scar tissue due to multiple heart attacks, which, except for shortness of breath, I’m unaware of. On June 12, I have an appointment with a specialist and am working dialysis around it all. Through it all, except for a slowing down a bit, I feel fine.

Now here’s a quick list of animals helped this month: Carmella, domestic shorthair feline $388; Rocko, German Shepherd, $334; Rocky, old timer we couldn’t help, had to be put to sleep, $141; Chloe, min pin, $421; Mudball, 8-month-old Shar Pei mix who had parvo, $721; Rue, 8-month-old Boston Terrier, $473. 


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All fees are after veterinarians have applied an Uncle Lennie discount and I ask each person I help to try and give a little back so I can help others.

The Gala

It was raining cats and dogs (pun intended) and due to Tryon Estates’ construction and plans to redo the dining area, parking was difficult. Five different rescues were being assisted besides Lennie’s kids. Those who read my column know that I support each of them. There were prizes for both silent and live auctions lining the walls.  As always Tryon Estates bent over backwards to make my gala a super special event.

People came drifting in with huge smiles on their faces, wet from the rain and not a single complaint was expressed. We packed the room and on the contrary to complaints, all I witnessed was love, hugs and joy. So many dear friends and my dear wife pitched in to help me pull this off. I did not have the strength to go around and greet as many as I usually do. Once during the live auction I was sitting off to the side looking over the audience and tears began to flow. I was thinking of the many times I’ve hit my knees and asked the Good Lord for help. Looking about the room at all my Angels I realized I was witnessing the answer to many of my prayers.

I’d simply like to close with a message to my best friend: Dear Lord, thanks for listening.