RVPC Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reported by Missy Bright

Despite the wet weather the days prior to the RVPC Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride, Collinsville Meadows were a deep green and blowing in the breeze. Pace Day was a beautiful and sunny day with temps in the upper 60s. The trails had been checked and marked with ribbons and were deemed safe for horses and riders.

The River Valley Pony Club has a huge band of volunteers. They design the course making sure all trails are clear and wet areas are averted to assure safety of rider and horse. Volunteers prepared the delicious meals and treats. They take are of parking the rigs, making sure everyone has a nice spot. They register riders, making sure all paperwork is in order, and are there to assist anyone who is in need. There are also volunteers who assist Joey Cabaniss, who is the series main timer. Everyone loves Joey. He gives good directions and often tells a joke before riders head out. He will always leave the light on for you!

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Volunteers prepared a wonderful warm pasta which was very tasty and a good salad mix with dressings and a nice selection of desserts. There was one very special treat made by a young baker in Gramling, SC. Young Clara Gramling is an up and coming baker who even has her own website! Clara made a huge batch of Molasses Munchies from the RVPC Horse Cookie, Fly Spray and Wipe Recipe Pamphlet. These Munchies are a wonderful snack for the rider as well! These treats have been taste tested and approved by Missy Bright, Carla Fullam, and Jan Smith, and, of course, our trusty mounts!

The volunteers for RVPC Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride were Krista Burke, Becky Corthell, Helen Firby, James and Madlyn Fox, Emelia and Eliza Frederick, Caprice Fullam, Paula Hennon, Elaine and Michaela Hughes, Carnie and Lillie Johnson, Carla and Sidney Langley, Bett Mann, Sasha and Kaiya Mann, Beth McGregor, Lynn and Sarah Moorshead, Julie and Johari Moran, Denise Ritacco, Crystal and Emily Robbins, Alicia and Addison Sama, Vicki Schrenter, Ivey Sumrell and Autumn, Faith, and Stephanie Wanicka.

Landowners play an essential role. They allow us to cross their properties to enjoy the beautiful scenery and land marks. Without them, it would hard to have a Hunter Pace! The Land Owners are Glenn Arledge, Rick Burney, Barbara Claussen, Cheryl and Ed Daniels, Gist and Judy Farr, Cindy Goldberg, Kathy and Bill Gruhn, Mary and Bill Hill, Chris and Rhonda Lewis, Sara Lyter, Dot Moyer, Lisa Otto, Polk Partners/John Bell, Richard and Susan Wallahora, Tony Walters, and Linda Williams. Folks, that’s a lot of property that riders are allowed access. Give these owners a big thank you!

The trail was 8.1 miles and lead riders through the woods out into beautiful open areas with many photo opts! The Check Point was at the cul-de-sac at Green Fields, where riders were offered some refreshment and everyone got a three-minute rest.

There was a very nice turnout considering the earlier wet weather. There was a total of 67 riders in 35 teams.

Now, let’s get to those results:

There were a total of 28 riders in 13 teams in the Field Hunter Division. The Optimum Time as one hour, 25 minutes.

Receiving the First Place Blue Ribbon with a time of one hour, 24 minutes, 54 seconds was Gena Meredith from Landrum and Stephanie Poole from Mill Spring. They were a mere six seconds off the Optimum Time! Not far behind was to duo of Debbie Croft from Anderson and Rebecca Tolson from Pendleton with a time of one hour, 26 minutes, seven seconds to receive the Second Place Red Ribbon. In Third Place was the trio of Martha Hall from Mill Spring, Anne McIver from Greenville, and Peter Shanahan from Columbus with a time of one hour 23 minutes, nine seconds. Solo rider Kinsley Allarie brought home the Fifth Place Ribbon with a time of one hour, 27 minutes, eight seconds. Rounding out the placements for the Sixth Place Green Ribbons was the duo of Christina Goen from Lyman and Emily Mitchell from Greer with a time of one hour, 29 minutes, 33 seconds. Congratulations to all!

Other Field Hunters out enjoying the day were Birdie and Mike Axelrod, Jared Beasley, Bryton and Melissa Champion, Anna Dalton, Stephanie Easler, Ann Fratcher, Martha Love, Holly Mitchell, Angela and Caleigh Reichardt, Janine and Tom Stenson, Tom Trull, and Rachel Turner.

There were a total of 39 riders in 22 teams in the Trail Rider Division. The Calculated Optimum Time was one hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds.

Ginny Jennings and Lynn Ronzello from Tryon nabbed the First Place Blue Ribbons with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 59 seconds. Kay Mott, riding solo, was awarded the Second Place Red Ribbon with a time of two hours, one minute, 58 seconds. Third Place Honors were awarded to a team of Tennesseans with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 23 seconds. Darleen Bullock, Nikki Hynes, and DeAnna Norton keep making Tennessee proud! The Fourth Place Ribbon was awarded to Karen Merrill and Teresa Snyder from York with a time of one hour, 56 minutes 49 seconds. Jennifer Wilson from Mill Springs was awarded the Fifth Place Pink Ribbon with a time of one hour, 56 minutes, 43 seconds. Rounding out the placements in the Trail Rider Division was Bobby Turner, who happened to be riding alone and clocked a time of one hour, 56 minutes, 38 seconds. Congratulations to all!

Other Trail Riders out enjoying a wonderful ride were Tara Boyce, Adam Burnsed, Jeannie Burrell, Doug and Nicole Cobb, Val DeVine, Michelle Drum, Lynn Fitch, Cindy Hansult, Susan Haslam, Laura Hendley, Elaine and Hugh Hobbs, Debbie Knebel, Lisa Kotalik, Nancy Kruger, Lori Kunkel, Lin Martin, Kathy Powell, Antje Richter, Jennifer Smith, Ivey Sumrell, Lenore Threlkald, Heidi Trull, Deborah Tucker, Aimee Williams, Carrie and Olive Wilsey, and Sherry Wyatt.

Following will be Scotsgrove Farm Hunter Pace and Trail Rider on Saturday May 27, 2017. The Year End Gathering will be held on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at Croft State Park in Spartanburg to benefit the Foothills Humane Society and the HALTER therapeutic riding program.

Visit wchp.org for upcoming events, placements and standings, weather changes, and classifieds.