No reason to widen Hwy. 108

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dorothy Easley’s May 19 letter regarding TIEC’s push for super highways in Polk County is “right on.”

Since moving to Tryon Township in the early 80s, I have always been appreciative of the horse community for their many contributions to Polk County and the northern Upstate – which date back generations. I wish TIEC well and hope a balance for all can be achieved.

However, the sentence in Dorothy’s article that pushed my concern button is “The TIEC has to respect, however, the surrounding villages and small towns.”

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I don’t require studies to see what is unfolding for Polk County. There are no sound justifications for turning Hwy. 108 into a four lane superhighway or eliminating the Columbus circles. I do not believe these actions will benefit the general welfare of Polk County and the majority of its citizens. I motor to Columbus several times per week and I enjoy Hwy. 108’s two lane road and the Columbus circles. They are relaxing to drive. I don’t understand why getting to Columbus two minutes faster will enhance my quality of life. If I wanted four lane highways encircling my community I would move to Asheville, Greenville or Spartanburg. Living in a slower pace world is priceless.

This may not be totally accurate, but my current perspective is that TIEC – with its wealth and political pull – rules Polk County and our local elected political leaders have minimal influence.

Again, I’m not an opponent of TIEC, but super duper highways running through our rural landscape and high rise motels are an overreach. It is absolutely unnecessary. I suggest we have a local referendum vote on this matter and let Polk County citizens decide or seek protection from an overly aggressive TIEC in the court system.

Count me in as an opponent to turning Hwy. 108 into a four lane highway, eliminating the Columbus circles, and building high rise hotels in Pea Ridge.

Bob Wolfe, Tryon, N.C.