I’m Just Saying: Half truths if not outright lies

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 18, 2017

Never have I been more excited about a new UFO photo or video being released than I was this past week, especially with the political brush fires surrounding us all.

Released by the Russian (what could go wrong there?) news site, Pravda.ru, the photo shows a glorious image of the sun, with not just one, but three perfectly circular black spots, and a caption that reads: ‘Photo Captured by NASA STEREO Spacecraft!’

I had no idea that our spacecrafts came in stereo, did you? How cool is that? And if that is the case, why have we never chosen such noble names as Woofer and Tweeter to reside smugly alongside our Apollos and Challengers? But I digress.

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I sort of looked longingly at this photo that was sent to me by my farrier (he hates when I mention that because everyone knows who shoes my horses and gives him a hard time about it, but that’s what you get for texting me at midnight, Sean) along with his message, “I don’t care about anything anymore, we’re all going to be harvested.” Which made me laugh heartily, but with also a sort of wistful longing to be picked up and taken away from all this earthly madness, sailing through starlit galaxies…

And then I came thudding back to earth.

Because there’s no guarantee I’d be swept away anywhere! After all, in most of the episodes I saw of ‘Lost in Space’ or TheTwilight Zone, there’s always that heart stopping moment when the alien looks directly at the human and orders, “Take me to your leader.”

“You sure about that?” I’d have to reply. “Because it’s not going well. Would you like to meet our vice leader, instead? He’s from Indiana–”

And then I’d get zapped with this sort of mind-meld thing they carry and be forced to do their bidding.

I was all wrapped up in these thoughts as the night turned into the wee morning hours and I returned to the article only to be hugely disappointed. The article described that what Pravda (which, by the way, in English, means ‘truth’ ) had done was take a photo from a free photo stock company called Pixabay, that showed our little neighboring planet, Mercury, making its orbital transit across the sun, hence, one black dot, then added two more identical black dots and barked their headline, ‘NASA Spacecraft Captures Three Huge UFOs Silhouetted Against The Sun!’

Except NASA is calling ‘bred savoy kobyly’ (which is the phonetic, Russian pronunciation of a most descriptive and appropriate English intransitive verb) on that because, when reached for comment by journalist Lee Spiegel, a NASA spokesman replied, “I’m not aware of this photo being released. There is no official or unofficial NASA posting of this image.”


It seems therefore safe to say that Pravda can be justifiably accused, just like the American media, for publishing half truths if not outright lies about both our country and theirs. Except, I guess, for the fact that, being state owned, Pravda is their government. 

Cue the music to The X Files….