Impie: A cat in need of a special forever home

Published 3:54 pm Friday, May 12, 2017

One might wonder what an animal loved a considerable number of years by one human thinks when suddenly that human is no longer in the picture. That thought comes to mind when I visit a sleek black cat in the Foothills Humane Society shelter whose owner passed away. A family member was able to find homes for other pets but not Impie. Impie tests positive for Feline Immune Deficiency (FIV). Complicating his story was the presence of a severely infected eye causing him weakness with obvious pain. Perhaps those reasons collectively made it more difficult to re-home him.

To offer better understanding and offset fear of FIV, most immune deficient cats live a full life in spite of FIV. Unless a potential adopter owns cats with aggressive behavior issues where a puncture wound might transmit it, friendly cats should pose no threat or cause concern.

Prior to surgical removal of the infected eye, Impie was gravely ill, so much so there was discussion to euthanize. However, Chris Taylor, FHS’ executive director, and staff members all agreed effort should be made post surgery to nurture this gentle soul back to good health.

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To reduce stress, Impie has been quietly isolated in the shelter’s “Get Acquainted Room.” It appears his sense of hearing is getting stronger and occasionally another mild mannered cat is introduced offering Impie a bit of company and he has befriended each one.

As he recovers, he slowly investigates his new digs and solicits human attention. Dedicated volunteers sit with him each week, gently stroking his fur while he rests on their lap. These improvements have advanced his recovery to the point staff feels he can now be offered for adoption.

A person bearing no fear of FIV and with patience to allow continued recovery is being sought. If you feel you can offer this sweet tempered cat a gentle touch the rest of his life then he is waiting for you. Call 828-863-4444 ext. 100 to make inquiries.

– article submitted by Sharon Rose