The backstory of Tryon Arts & Crafts School’s Crossroads Show

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Panel discussion to be held Thursday night

On Thursday night from 6-7 p.m., Tryon Arts & Crafts School will be holding a panel discussion with the four artists who collaborated on the central installation of TACS’ Crossroads Show, which opened on April 7.

The artists are Doug Dacey, who made the pottery “Flame Bowl,” Barney Eiserloh who made the red cage “Beauty Support” supporting Doug’s bowl and pendulum, Christine Mariotti who designed and painted the scarves hanging above the cage as well as the “Floor Cloth with Compass,” and Julia McIntyre who handcrafted/fused the unique beads which hang from Christine’s scarves. The installation incorporates each artist’s personal vision of the theme “crossroads.”

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The artists also teamed up for two-person collaborative works that are displayed in their individual sections as well as their own individual works.

Each artist’s section is like a pathway, and their art depicts their personal artistic journey, leading up to the central installation in the here and now. (The show also features dozens of single and collaborative works by additional artists based on the crossroads theme.)

Kai Elijah Hamilton, who regularly met with the artists to provide guidance, will be the moderator, and topics will cover how the artists came together, their creative process in working together and alone, how the theme influenced their work, what they found to be the most challenging part of the project, and more, with audience questions at the end.

The evening will also provide a last chance to visit the exhibit before it closes on Friday.

Tryon Arts & Crafts School is located at 373 Harmon Field Road. For more information contact the office at 828-859-8323 or visit

– article submitted by Cathy Fischer