Rescue Success Photo Contest Winners

Published 3:38 pm Monday, May 1, 2017

Written by Vincent Verrecchio

Not every photo could place in the Foothills Humane Society Rescue Success Photo Contest but every horse, cat, and dog in every photo submitted was certainly a winner. The first contest criteria was that every animal was obviously safe, healthy, and loved. The judges easily recognized that every entry qualified. Judging became more of a challenge when deciding which entries best combined the variables of emotional impact, composition, artistry, and technical merit of color, contrast, clarity, and focus.

Claire Sachse, managing editor of Life in Our Foothills magazine, and I selected finalists from all entries in each category. Christine Taylor, executive director of the Foothills Humane Society, selected the first, second, and third place winners and honorable mentions in the canine and feline categories; noted equine photographer Erik Olsen selected the equine winners. Kevin Powell, general manager of the Tryon Daily Bulletin, selected Best of Show from the three first place winners. Each first place wins $100; second, $50; and third, $25. Best of Show wins an additional $100.

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Entry fees benefit the non-profit, no-kill Foothills Humane Society and its equine division FERA. Both organizations thank the animal lovers who entered, the contest sponsor Burrell’s Fuels Inc/Diamond B Energies LLC, and the enthusiastic folks at Tryon Newsmedia LLC. •


Second Place
Photographer: Amy Cashman, Inman, S.C. Horse: Puddin’ Pie. Owner: Sara Lyter. Rescue Organization: Puddin’ Pie’s Place. Comment: “Puddy…along with the other rescued minis have become my son’s reading buddies…goes out once a week and reads to his sweet friends.”

Third Place
Photographer: Scott Holmstead, Campobello, S.C. Horse: Sophie. Owner: Ting Oliver
Rescue Organization: HERD (Helping Equines Regain Dignity). Comment:
“Ting Oliver has a special place in her heart for rescuing unwanted animals, maybe because she was adopted from China at age 6 and understands what it feels like to wait forever for a family to love you.”

Honorable Mention
Photographer/Owner: Faith Jorgenson, Tryon, N.C. Horse: Lance. Rescue Organization: Rescued by owner from feed lot.


First Place
Photographer: Rachel Goettert, Columbus, NC. Cat: Evelyn.
Owner: Sharon Goettert. Rescue Organization: Feline rescue in Minnesota. Comment:
“The sweetest pain in the rear you will ever meet…adopted in Minnesota, and has pestered and adored and charmed her family ever since.”

Second Place
Photographer/Owner: Betsy McCray, Columbus, NC. Cat: Beau. Rescue Organization: Found on roadside. Comment: “My daughter spotted four tiny kittens and stopped to pick them up. The plan was to get them strong and find homes for them. Beau and his sister Boots live with me still.”

Third Place
Photographer/Owner: Patti Trobaugh, Tryon, N.C.
Cats: Bowser and Bumper
Rescue Organization: Bowser, Foothills Humane Society; Bumper, feral walk-on. Comment: “Our Russian Blue (Bumper)…feral cat…we were feeding in Hilton Head before we relocated…he was distinctly telling us not to leave him behind. He needed a friend. Trip to the Foothills shelter…found Bowser. [They] take walks with [us].”

Honorable Mention
Photographer/Owner: Tara Boyce, Tryon, NC. Cats: Koffey and Alex. Rescue Organization: Foothills Humane Society’s Po’Kitties Program


First Place
Photographer: Leslie Threlkeld, Hendersonville, NC. Dog: Usher. Rescue Organization: Harris County Humane Society, Georgia (no-kill) Comment: “Usher… had a home with Humane Society of Harris County for as long as he needed…been with the shelter for a long time and I did a photo shoot to promote the adoptable dogs.”

Second Place
Photographer: Rachel Goettert, Columbus, NC. Dogs: Jericho and Stubbs. Owner: Sharon Goettert. Rescue Organization: Foothills Humane Society. Comment: “Jericho, who is blind, and his best friend Stubbs are inseparable…literally lean on each other for support. Stubbs, a foster puppy, was determined to be his best friend…love each other very much.”

Third Place
Photographer: Leslie Threlkeld, Hendersonville, NC. Dog: B. Owner: Lenore Threlkeld. Comment: “After months of [going] to the neighbor’s house…to unwrap the dog’s chain from the tree, comb the knots out of his hair, and make sure he has food and water, we finally brought “B” home to live with us.”

Photographer/Owner: Nancy Weinhagen, Saluda, NC. Dog: Sam (The Compassionate Therapy Dog). Rescue Organization: Found by owner as abandoned puppy in a parking lot