Special Cases: Bonnie Blue and the power of prayer

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, April 27, 2017

Over the years, I have developed a wonderful rapport with all the local vets in our area.  The two I use mostly are Landrum Vet and Bonnie Brae, simply because they have the most clients and odds are that calls for assistance will come from them. The smaller vets, Cloverfield and God’s Creatures, are used less often and because of that I so enjoy visiting them.

At God’s Creatures, they are very much Christian in all that they do and it relates to their work. These are people after my own heart, and a call from them is quite special for me.  Please don’t misunderstand, each vet I deal with is very much the same but not to the level of God’s Creatures.

The call came for one of their clients and Jenny asked if I could help. It seems that Bonnie Blue, a 4-year-old Pit, needed to be spayed and there was a life-threatening problem with her uterus. Please don’t ask me to explain what Bonnie Blue’s problem was; I have two sheets of all that was done and half of these words I can’t even pronounce. I can tell you this: Bonnie is a sweet, beautiful and loving girl whose owner is truly devoted to her.

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During Bonnie Blue’s operation, two times they thought they would lose her. Her heart stopped once, and while they worked on her, intense prayer was offered all around. Each time her life signs reached precarious levels, sincere prayer was offered for her well- being.

I went to visit her today and added another little prayer to those she already received. I then loved her up some and gave her my customary kiss between her eyes. She accepted my affection gracefully and I could sense a deep thank you in her eyes.

Lennie’s Fund will handle all her bills and her owner has promised to pay back what he can when he can. Most importantly, I believe sweet Bonnie Blue has a wonderful loving life.

Many thanks to Jenny and her staff, but most of all, thank You, Lord, for listening to those who earnestly call on You for help.

Thanks for listening.