Foothills Humane Society pushes for perfect placement

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Readers who follow dog stories from Foothills Humane Society will be gladdened to learn that Jag is now in a respectful home where he alternates between children’s beds in the evening and naps on a leather couch during the day. Without discrimination, the family loves him and feels blessed by his forgiving spirit. That’s the heart of our Jag for certain.

Staff now pushes forward with a new focus on a dog named Madison. Beautifully graceful on the run, her feathery fur, typical of an English Setter, literally floats on the air. And with the head of a Bulldog, she exhibits a clownish expression brought about by a black patch extending across half her face. Her animated excitement and dog smiles promote happiness among those paying her attention.

In 2011 Madison was surrendered by owners who live on a dangerous local highway. Passionate about running, Madison’s tendency to be free led them to the difficult decision of surrendering her. Adopted in May of 2012, her new owner failed to give the care promised ultimately landing her safely back at the shelter in 2014.

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Although unclear what circumstances led Madison to develop a territorial disposition during that time, she has proven it puts other animals in danger when entering her space. Therefore the new “push for perfect placement” means her future adopters must have no other pets and provide adequate fencing to safely contain her. However, Madison absolutely loves people and clearly exhibits affection towards them with gregarious enthusiasm. But most important is that she is polite on a leash around other animals when out of her personal space and in the public domain.

No matter how long it takes, policy at the Foothills Humane Society is to go the extra mile to match the right adopters to the best animal possible. With Madison in mind, the staff invites anyone wishing to inquire further about this beautiful dog to call 828-863-4444, ext.100 and to view her photographs on the web site at We sincerely hope Madison’s bright eyes and smile will bring about one on the face of those expressing an interest.

Sharon Rose, Columbus, N.C.