Thumbs Up: A job well done

Published 2:28 pm Friday, April 21, 2017

In 1980 two really good things happened. First, Tryon became my home, and that changed my career and my life all for the good. That same year three brothers,  Harold, James and Bobbie Joe Stott, founded Stott’s Ford, and that was a great thing for Tryon and the community.

As you may have noticed, Stott’s Ford has recently remodeled their showroom and offices. One of the driving forces in the redesign of the complex was Gina Stott who is the wife of Robbie Stott.  Her idea was to redesign the building to fit the character of the Town of Tryon and to better utilize the available space. It is obvious that she did a remarkable job on both counts.

Armed with Gina’s ideas and those from other family members and Stott’s associates, architect Dean Trakas turned the previous showroom into a superior example of how to take advantage of space and achieve beauty at the same time.   The exterior color scheme combined with the elegant use of stone is outstanding plus the fact that the colors of the Stott’s signs are completely compatible with the building. 

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When you see the interior of the building, you will understand what a great job Gina and Dean did in reconfiguring the space.  Ford Motor Company offers a standard stainless steel showroom remake to their dealers and will pay for half of its cost upon installation.  However to make their showroom more appropriate for the character of the community, Stott’s preferred their own design and absorbed 100% of the cost for the benefit of the town.

Robbie Stott has been with Stott’s Ford since 1982 and is currently the president and CEO of the company.  His Father, Harold Stott, is still active in the business, and Robbie’s Son, Dylan also works for the company which means that three generations are currently working for Stott’s.  In addition to running their dealership, the family has been actively involved in stock car racing for generations.

From a personal standpoint Stott’s Ford provides me with a wide range of quality products that have performed exceedingly well for me over the years.  I have owned other vehicle brands and most of them have not performed as well as Ford products.  In addition being able to have my vehicle serviced locally is important to me.  The service is prompt, courteous and reasonable.  Driving less than one mile for service from people that I know and trust, far outweighs driving twenty plus miles for service from strangers.  One other factor that has influenced my choice of Ford products is the fact that Ford has survived over the years on the strength of their products, service and reputation unlike some other major brands that couldn’t seem to make it on their own.

Stott’s Ford is an important part of our community and has resisted the opportunity to move out of Tryon to greener pastures.  As Robbie Stott put it, “we have chosen to stay in Tryon, because it was just the right thing to do.” Also of benefit to the Town of Tryon is the sales tax that Stott’s has generated for 37 years.  Thank you Robbie for staying here and congratulations to you, your family and your associates for a job more than well done in making your showroom  a show place for the town.  It is truly my pleasure to recognize the great work that you have done.

Bob Neely, Tryon, N.C.