TFAC and White Oak partner to celebrate resident artists

Published 4:30 pm Monday, April 3, 2017

Where in Polk County can you find a group of septuagenarian (70-79), octogenarian (80-89), nonagenarian (90-99) and centenarian (100+) artists of varied disciplines all living in close proximity? White Oak of Tryon.

Painters, sculptors, weavers and crafters have created, and continue to create, beautiful works of art that today go largely unnoticed.

These talented seniors will have an opportunity to showcase their work in an upcoming show at Tryon Fine Arts Center (TFAC).

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Marianne Carruth, executive director at TFAC, is working with staff from White Oak along with family members of artist residents to bring these talented folks a bit of much deserved recognition. This show will give us all an opportunity to meet and engage some truly remarkable people.

What often happens as we age is we begin to be seen in a very different light than when we were in our prime. Inside our minds we are just the same person, full of ideas and amazing stories of our long and fruitful lives. This person we see in the mirror, who may walk and talk more slowly and shows signs of aging we think reserved for “old people,” cannot possibly be the same person inside our mind. Frequently our accomplishments and identity are no longer recognized by our fast paced, instant everything society.

The show kicks off with an opening night reception at TFAC on Saturday, April 8 from 4-6 p.m. and runs through April 24.

– article submitted by Palma Davis