In Good Taste: Mind over munch! Eating healthy, on the quick

Published 10:00 pm Monday, April 3, 2017

I just love healthy foods … so many fruits, so many vegetables, so organic! But during a super busy workweek, I run out of time to eat clean (organic and very minimally processed) and healthy (homemade and nutrient-dense).

A lot of us are trying to stay on track with eating well in 2017 and one thing that helps me with that is meal prepping. With many recipes, I take them a step further and meal prep for all of the week. That’s five days of clean and healthy breakfasts and lunch for under $30! 

Eating clean and healthy does not have to be expensive. But it does require a little brainpower, time and planning. I like to spend around $25 on my meal-prep breakfast and lunch budget for a week. I have not included regular pantry items like olive oil and spices because we don’t need to buy those every week. And you will figure out how to best meal plan and prep for your lifestyle and in the most efficient and productive way.

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On the breakfast menu, you can eat a week’s worth of breakfast smoothies and steal cut oatmeal.

For the breakfast smoothies, use seasonal organic fruits and chop and freeze (you’re going to freeze your week’s worth anyway) or purchase previously chopped and frozen. Organic bananas are pretty affordable and available year-round. They freeze beautifully, too. Kales and spinach, nut butters and apples provide dense nutrition and natural sweetness. Seedless organic concord grapes bring extra sweetness.

Blend up your mixture half way, using a bit of liquid, such as nut or coconut milk or juice, but just enough so the mixture clings a bit to a spoon. You will blend it the remaining way with additional liquids come breakfast time! Then pop into large ice cube trays with covers. When ready for a smoothie, simply release the number of smoothie cubes into your blender again for the size smoothie you would like, add some additional liquid, and in seconds, you will have your clean, inexpensive nutrient-dense breakfast, and it’s even to-go!

Use your mind over your munchies! Decide that a little extra time, brainpower, and commitment to homemade meals on the quick is a terrific homemade healthcare program and it’s the way many people in 2017 are choosing to go.

Local food markets are open six days a week in Polk and upper Spartanburg County, and the farmer’s market season is set to begin soon!