Green Creek Hounds Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride

Published 2:46 pm Friday, March 31, 2017

What a beautiful day for the Green Creek Hounds Spring Hunter Pace on John Watson Road! The day started off a little on the cool side, but warmed up so riders could shed the heavy outerwear. As riders were coming in off the trails, many were asked how the trails were. The response was unanimous that the trails were wonderful! Trails had wound through wooded areas and along open fields often giving some spectacular views. The view from the hilltop at the half way point was definitely found to be photo worthy!

Kem Ketcham was in charge of the tables, chairs, and tents. DJ Jeffries was in charge of the set up.  Registration was at the tree line in the shade with Shelley Alexander, Jana Hinley, Ginny Howard, Donna Monagle, and Jean Wright keeping everyone on the straight and narrow with the required paperwork and assigning rider and team numbers. Next to the registration tent was the come hither tent with the T-shirts, sweatshirts, and ball caps. The new blue long sleeve T-shirt was very pretty! Thanks to Kathy Nebel and Joan McIntyre for showing these items and more than happy to take ones money! Decorations were lovingly put up by Stephanie Schulte.

It took a team of outstanding gentlemen to park all of the rigs in the pasture. Christiaan Barendsen, Chris Hendricks, Marc James, Paul Nordan, and Chris Monagle were on hand to insure drivers parked the rigs with plenty of room in between to allow mounts to graze.

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The trails were beautifully planned and prepped by Christie Fowler and Janet Cummings. The ribbons were hung on the trees with care and the arrow signs pointed riders in the right direction thanks to Deborah Bundy.

The landowner hosts are Jennifer and Roger Smith. Riders are very fortunate to have such a wonderful area to ride. Marion Connor was the Chairman and Harold Pfeiffer handled the ATV like a pro!

A lunch of freshly grilled hotdogs was set up under another tent or two next to the registration and clothing tables. Ann Fratcher, Wes Moore, and Jim Sumrell did a wonderful job preparing and serving the hotdogs with chili and condiments, along with homemade coleslaw, potato salad and pasta salad. All the accoutrements were available for such a wonderful lunch. Choices of chips were made available and in the coolers were a variety of sodas and plenty of water.

The trail was 8.5 miles. Most of the trails were wide enough to ride two and three abreast. Although the paces have ridden some of these trails before, there were new sections added and other changes making for a wonderful new feel. There were no creek crossings this time as the weather had probably dried them up a tad.

These trails took riders and their mounts through the woods, out into beautiful fields, and up the hills to welcome a panoramic view of the surrounding area. This was one of the grand photo ops available. Right near this picture-taking venue was the checkpoint. Here waiting were, Paul and Seuss Frazer, or Ann and Jim Troppman with icy cold water or apple juice for the riders. After the three-minute wait time, riders were sent on their way to continue their ride. There were plenty of jumps available for one’s enjoyment.

Joey Cabaniss was the timer extraordinaire for this Hunter Place. He’ll always leave the light on for you! Carol Parker was his sidekick for the day!

There turnout was very nice considering there were several other equine events happening the same day. There were 94 riders in 49 teams.

Now, let’s get to those results:

The Optimum Time for the Field Hunter division was one hour, 30 minutes, 11 seconds. There were a total of 41 riders in 20 teams.

First place in the Field Hunter division were the trio from Tennessee: Angela and Caleigh Reichardt from Jonesborough and Rachel Turner from Elizabethton with a time just 14 seconds off the Optimum time with their time being one hour, 29 minutes, 57 seconds! Second place honors are awarded to Hannah Bowers and Brittany Whitmire from Brevard with a time of one hour, 29 minutes, four seconds. The third place yellow ribbon was awarded to the trio of Amanda Aiello from Ellenboro and Nicola Deines and Pam Hilsman from Landrum with a time of one hour, 24 minutes, 26 seconds.

Fourth place was awarded to solo rider, Karl Alexander with a time of one hour, 23 minutes, 46 seconds. The fifth place pink is awarded to the team quintet of Jeff and Sam Hines from Woodruff, Danielle Lamb from Morganton, Sydney Miles from Simpsonville, and Jane Polk from Fountain Inn with a time of one hour, 38 minutes, 47 seconds. Rounding out the placements for the field Hunter division is the duo of Janine and Tom Stenson from Columbus with a time of one hour, 21 minutes, 27 seconds.

Other Field Hunters out to enjoy the trails were Kinsley Allaire, Reagan Burrell, Melissa Champion, Debbie Croft, Erin Desrosses, Ann Fratcher, Tim Giles, Catherine Gillet, Christina Goen, Susan Halderman, Marcia Headrick, Amanda McDonald, Emily Mitchell, Holly Mitchell, Catherine Moonyham, Marianne Moore, Rich Neel, Stephanie O’Neill, Erin and Reine Pagliano, Diane Roemer, Emma Skelton, Brandon Spencer, Penny Sullivan, Jenny Taylors, Rebecca Tolson, and Anita Williamson.

There were 53 riders in 29 teams in the Trail Rider Division. The Calculated Optimum time was one hour, 58 minutes, 44 seconds.

The first place blue ribbon was awarded to Lisa Kotalik from Tryon with a time of one hour, 58 minutes, 45 seconds. That is just a mere one second off of the Calculated Optimum Time! Congratulations! Doug and Nicole Cobb from Reidville were close behind bringing home the second place red ribbons with a time of one hour, 58 minutes, 49 seconds! There was a tie for the third place yellow ribbon! The team of Jeanne Ahrenholz and Claire Moore from Landrum had a time of one hour, 58 minutes, 19 seconds, while the team of Annette Spencer from Columbus and Stacie Wadsworth from Tryon had a time of one hour, 58 minutes, nine seconds, both teams being merely 25 seconds off the optimum.

Fifth place honors were awarded to Missy Bright from Campobello and Jan Smith from Columbus with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 59 seconds. The sixth place green ribbon was awarded to Cindy James from Mountville with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 40 seconds. An honorable mention goes to Arlene Lulavage from Columbus with a time of one hour, 57 minutes, 11 seconds. An honorable mention is given when a time is less than 30 seconds out of sixth place.

Other Trail Riders out enjoying the picture perfect day were Tara Boyce, Becky Brown, Darleen Bullock, Janet Cummings, Katie Cummings, Michelle Drum, Stephanie Easler, Lynn Fitch, Susannah Francis, Cindy Hansuit, Susan Haslam, Peggy Horton, Kristen Hughes, Nikki Hynes, Barbara Ketchum, Debbie Knebel, Lori Kunkel, Anne Lane-Maunder, Martha Love, Pattie Lovelace, Lin Martin, Andrew Maunder, Kitty McCammon, Cynthia Milligan, Connie Moore, Paula Moore, DeAnna Norton, Erin O’Dwyer, Anne and Richard Pierce, Sally Rock, Susette Schellin, Cathy Seager, Jennifer Smith, Janet Solovey, Paula Stathokis, Virginia Thompson, Bobby Turner, TJ Vore, Barbara West, Carrie Wilsey, and Jennifer Wilson.

Up next for the 2016-2017 Hunter Pace Series is the Tryon Hounds Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride on April 2, 2017 at Long Shadows Farm. The rain date will be on Sunday, April 9.

Check in often at for upcoming events, changes, and classifieds. You can also view your photos taken by photographer Lou Smith.

See you on those beautiful trails!

– reported by Missy Bright