With contractors, a handshake used to be sufficient

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, March 30, 2017

I am writing to agree with the recent letter by Susan Vann in the March 23, 2017 edition of the Bulletin.

Many things are changing in our county, and some not for the better. I have had the same experience with contractors just disappearing without contact after coming out for a work estimate.

The most recent one set an important project of ours back a month.

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In this day and age, how difficult is it for a contractor to text, email or call and say, “Sorry but I can’t do your project”? Not so long ago in this area, a handshake was sufficient to start a project rolling. That ethic seems to be vanishing.

If this continues, some of us just may find a way to publicize these businesses so others do not fall in the trap of using them.

Stuart R. Goldstein, Green Creek, N.C.