Protest against 10 N. Trade Café an undeserved rush to judgment

Published 4:28 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017

While protesting seems to be the national pastime lately, the recent protest against N. Trade Café and Bakery shows just how foolish, and harmful, thoughtless protests can be.

First of all, the article notes “accusations of alleged abuse” were made against Word of Faith (WOFF) leaders. So there are two disclaimers in that statement already. Anyone can allege anything horrid against anyone for any reason without proof. WOFF has been the target of allegations before and successfully sued the government the last time. A protest at this point is an undeserved rush to judgment.

Second, to protest the bakery because the owner is a member of the church is the worst kind of bigotry and a product of guilt by association. The Left in this country shouted against McCarthyism in the 1950s for just the same guilt by association accusations. But here people are throwing the same rancid garbage against an innocent business owner. The article states, “10 N. Trade’s owner and employees have not been mentioned in the recent series of Associated Press articles.” So why protest this business?

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Was this same protest group in favor of protesting every Catholic-owned business during the scandal with some Catholic priests? Would they protest a local Muslim businessman who belonged to a mosque with allegations of contributing to terrorism made against it? I doubt it. I still remember a place and a time when Jewish businesses were protested and destroyed.

Last of all, I know many members of the WOFF. The people I know are the kindest and most honest people one could meet. They contribute to our community as doctors, nurses, accountants and in many other professions. I have met their children and seen bright, hard-working and easy-going kids. I am not a member but would stand beside any one of them to protect them from harm.

If Chris Tinkler and his group need something so badly to protest, how about finding something fact-based and protest at the source?

Stuart R. Goldstein, Green Creek, N.C.