Reclaim! Restore! Repurpose!

Published 10:00 pm Monday, March 13, 2017

Emily Provchy and Genevieve Scribner

It’s a warm, sunny, spring day and a brisk walk through Brookwood Park leads me to Rustiques, a vintage, antiques, and design shop on Rutherford St.

I approach the front deck and wander among the reclaimed architectural salvage pieces, like old windows and doors, displayed in random fashion. Along the fence is an interesting area called “Pickers Paradise.”

I’m meeting with Emily Provchy and Genevieve Scribner, close friends who brought their visions and passions together to create this unique shop.

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As I enter I’m greeted by Genevieve, who radiates enthusiasm for their concept. She brings her décor talents to the duo while Emily’s managerial skills lend a balance and keep things on track. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, managing to have fun while pouring their energy into the business.

As I amble from room to room, I notice a set of Southern Living cookbooks dating from 1982 to 1990. These would be sought after editions to any cookbook collector.

Custom made hanging light fixture

If you need a bright red teakettle to accent your kitchen, Rustiques offers a variety of styles from the 60s and 70s. Looking for interesting décor for your laundry room? Genevieve shows me an old wooden ironing board that could adorn a wall, or when set up, would double as a shelf for laundry supplies.

Are you an avid viewer of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show “Fixer Upper”? Joanna often uses a barn door for an architectural feature in the home. If you’ve been wondering where to find this style door, visit Rustiques. They can custom create one from recovered, repurposed barn wood. Emily and Genevieve salvaged a 100-year-old barn and a 100-year-old smokehouse with the goal of preserving and upcycling the wood.

As Emily describes, “We pulled a lot of nails, rummaged through a lot of dirt, came across a few rodents and a lot of dust for these rustic finds.”

Genevieve shows me their design bar. Customers can sit at a custom made bar and use a computer to display their ideas that they want to have crafted. A wood-hewn lighting fixture is on display above the bar. Some hand cut shelving adorns the walls.

She explains, “We’re hoping to find customers who are looking for unique, one of a kind pieces that we can create for them. We advertise to outlying areas like Greenville, which also helps bring new customers to Landrum for all the local shops and restaurants.”

I notice a charming, comfy dog bed placed under a table. It was made by one of the several craft vendors that are able to use Rustiques as an outlet. Soaps, jewelry, metal flowers and benches from local vendors are also part of the mix.

If you want to have some fun on a Saturday morning stop by and participate in Riddle Me Saturday, a mini scavenger hunt. A certain object in the shop will be the sought after item. Emily and Genevieve will provide one clue. Whoever finds the selected piece can purchase it for 75 percent off the price. It will be a one-of-a-kind so only one chance will be available. The seek-solve-save will continue through Monday if the prize hasn’t been discovered.

This spring, May 6 and 7, Rustiques will be exhibiting at the popular Mother Earth Fair at the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher, N.C. For information on the fair, tickets, and parking, visit

When asked what they love most about their job and what are the hopes and plans for Rustiques, Emily and Genevieve reply, “We love helping the past become part of the present and the future. It’s satisfying to upcycle and repurpose, having a part in living green when we reclaim materials that otherwise would go to waste. We love to work with homeowners in designing the custom pieces that become special and unique to their home. We have met a lot of interesting people and each day is an adventure.”

They continue, “We want Rustiques to be a one stop shop for home decor. We want to work with designers to help their clients find or custom make those unique pieces for their home. We want to support and work with the local artisans as a venue to display their craft. We have a lot of work to do on the outside, upscaling our 1,000-foot deck and continuing to work on the evolution of our Picker’s Paradise, the home to our architectural salvage. We want our deck to become a place to sit and chill while shopping for or designing your home interior or for exterior landscape art.”

Genevieve sums up their philosophy. “We want everyone to have a joyful experience. We’re gregarious people. We love to laugh and have a good time.”

As their business card reads, “No such things as junk, only objects with unrealized potential!”

Visit Rustiques at 702 E. Rutherford St., Landrum or email them at