Battling on all fronts

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pixie and Angel

I know that lately I’ve been lax relating the special cases of my kids. I just seem to be battling one ailment after another. I’m currently dealing with bronchitis and I’m fighting for breath. Another trip to the hospital and I’m following all the rules. My kingdom for a good night’s sleep.

I have been as busy as I can under the circumstances; my kids never miss out if I can help it. 

We helped a little Jack Russell at Bonnie Brae, removing a cyst and beginning heartworm treatments. Then there’s the 11-year-old MinPin who has diabetes. All tests and initial treatments were paid for. The owner could not give shots and the poor thing tried to bite her when she tried. Archie (the MinPin) is now residing with Verna Wilkins at her Forever Dream Sanctuary.

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A beautiful 7-year-old Golden Retriever ran from a house that was on fire and got struck by a car. A good friend brought him to Landrum Vet and I offered to pay whatever it costs for his care. After 12 hours of trying, the sweet boy succumbed to his injuries and it broke my heart.

A few months ago I told the tale of Jessie, a dog that I cared for over 10 years ago. When Jessie realized who I was, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The old man was put to sleep this week to take him out of pain.

When Carole (Jessie’s mom) notified me she said, “He’s now running around like a youngster again waiting for you to come and walk him. We now know that no matter how far or how long, Jessie will never forget his Uncle Lennie.”

Around a year and a half ago I told the tale of Gidget, the sweetest, cutest, playful little ball of fur you’re ever going to meet. Gidget was pretty old, though watching her you wouldn’t know it. She had some problems, most of all she needed a loving home to live out her life.

Enter Don and Karen Molnar, who not only gave Gidget a loving home with their two other pups, each month I would receive large packages of blankets and towels to be dispersed where I saw fit, most of which went to Forever Dream Sanctuary.

We lost Gidget last week and though she may have only been with the Molnars for a short stretch of her life, I’m here to attest, there isn’t a dog who ever lived that was loved more.

Don and Karen were now in the market to rescue another old-timer and I figured it was time they met Verna Wilkins. Verna has many dogs that could fill the bill for the Molnars, but the sister Pomeranians, Pixie (a tripod) and Angel were what I had in mind. Verna was very particular about where the girls would go, so she took them over for a visit and they stayed.

Thanks for listening.