Representative Cody Henson meets with local group

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On Friday, Feb. 17, a group of eight non-partisan Polk County constituents met with our new North Carolina Representative, Cody Henson.

We discussed his positions on HB2 and improving voter rights, especially redistricting. We pointed out that looking at data from national and state news services, HB2 had done nothing good for North Carolina. It did not protect anyone and definitely made it less safe for transgender people. It had not helped the economy or created jobs. In fact, it had done immense damage to local economies, especially in the larger cities, had cost jobs rather than helped. And, finally, it had done irreparable damage to the reputation of North Carolina.

Rep. Henson said that for now he felt that HB2 should be left up to the courts, but, in his opinion, it was a common sense law.

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In discussion about the need for a state-wide, non-partisan redistricting plan, we pointed out that the current process of allowing the political party in power to draw voting districts was dysfunctional. It  was unfair to many people in the state whose vote basically did not count.

Rep. Henson agreed that a non-partisan or at least bi-partisan committee would be the best way to provide fair and equitable voting districts for our state. He mentioned that he would be willing to co-sponsor such a bill.

Rep. Henson responded to questions about his recent bill to make judges’ races partisan. He feels that people want to know the philosophy of the judges they are electing.

We pointed out that we felt the power of our government’s checks and balances lay in having judges who were non-partisan and would respond to legal questions without bias. Having partisan judges elections would undermine those checks and balances.

Rep. Henson expressed his desire to continue to hear from his constituents about their issues and concerns and looked forward to serving his district.

– Kate Bond, Mill Spring