Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series

Published 10:00 pm Friday, March 3, 2017

Field Hunters Janna Marshaman and Stephanie O’Neill on the steeplechase track at the FENCE Hunter Pace held Sunday, Feb. 19. (photo by Lou Smith)

FENCE Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride

Weather two, Punxsutawney Phil, zero!

The weather at FENCE on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 was another picture-perfect day for riders and their mounts! Mother Nature was kind, once again. And, it’s allegedly still winter!

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The trails were wonderful as the rain the day before had no ill effects. There were several water crossings where riders could give their mounts a drink or in some instances, jump the crossing. Riders were commenting on their return to camp that the trails were great and the ride was wonderful!

The wonderful course was designed and set up by Ginny Howard, Dot Moyer, Kathy Nebel, Ann Swift, and Carol TenBroek. Trails were wide enough to allow comfortable passing and riding abreast. Landowners play the key part in allowing the riders to pass on their property. There are some beautiful homes and land to view while on the trail. Peach Pond was almost full with geese coming in for landings. 

Special thanks go to The Douglas Family, Chinquapin Farm, the King Family, and the Schatzburg Family. Without the blessing of these owners, the ride would have been quite short!

Registration was held in the FENCE office close to the start and finish line. Amy Schmitte, Gretchen Verbonic, and Dana Zygmont greeted entrants, handed out the team number, and made sure that horses were up to date on their Coggins Tests.

Tracie Hanson was seen wherever she was needed, from parking to registration. Meagan Lieberman was the chief parker for all of the rigs. Riders were met at the Check Point by Wendy Cochran, Martha Love, and Mary Tucker. Riders were offered cool water and a three-minute mandatory stop. Afterwards riders were sent on their way.

As always, a wonderful lunch was served by Foothills Mountain BBQ. One could have hotdogs, burgers or BBQ plates with cole slaw, chips, and baked beans or just the sandwich. They offered tea, water, and soft drinks.

The trail was 8.7 miles and took riders and their mounts on parts of the Steeplechase Track, Cross Country Field, and deep woods trails. Panoramic views were beautiful from the hill tops. The stream crossings were very easily traversed.

The turnout was wonderful for this event. There were 108 riders in 52 teams.

Third place Trail Riders Catherine Gillet and Barbara Ketcham ready to head out on trail at the FENCE Hunter Pace. (photo by Lou Smith)

Now, let’s get to those results:

There were a total of 46 riders in 22 teams. The Optimum Time for the Field Hunters was one hour, 29 minutes.

First place honors are awarded to Amanda Aiello from Ellenboro, Nicola Deines from Landrum, and Tracey Rouse from Tryon with a time of one hour, 29 minutes, three seconds. Folks, that’s a mere three seconds off the Optimum time!

But, not far behind was the duo of Heather Bounds from Greenville and Amy Christensen from Landrum with a time of one hour, 29 minutes, eight seconds. The third place yellow was awarded to Leah Edwards from Erwin, Caleigh Reichardt from Jonesborough, and Rachel Turner from Elizabethton with a time of one hour, 30 minutes, 46 seconds.

Fourth place was awarded to Autumn and Stephanie Wanicker from Mill Spring with a time of one hour, 31 minutes, 37 seconds. Jamie Fritsch from Johnson City and Angela Reichardt from Jonesborough brought home the fifth place ribbon with a time of one hour, 25 minutes, 42 seconds. The Tennesseans were out in force and doing well on this day! Rounding out the placements for sixth place was Caprice and Carla Fullam from Columbus with a time of one hour 32 minutes, 38 seconds.

Other Field Hunters out to enjoy the day were Korie Albright, Irene Backer, Mike Bass, Sydney Broussard, Reagan Burrell, Melissa Champion, Trevor Chavez, Rachel Childers, Debbie Croft, Stephanie Easler, Tim Giles, Christina Goen, Marcia Headrick, Shannon Jackson, Danielle Lamb, Nancy Klouda, Carson Langston, Carson Manley, Janna Marshman, Andy Miles, Gabrielle Miller, Emily Mitchell, Richard Neel, Stephanie O’Neill, Amy Orsini, Jane Polk, Donna Schwind, Brandon Spencer, Kayla Stacy, Katherine Stancliff, Rebecca Tolson, and Erin Walker.

In the Trail Rider Division, there were 62 riders in 30 teams. The Calculated Optimum Time was two hours, ten minutes, three seconds.

Here are the results:

First place honors were awarded to Madlyn Fox from Fairview, Sayler Hardin from Forest City, and Jessica Herndon from Bostic. Their time was two hours, ten minutes, 12 seconds. They were just nine seconds off the Calculated Optimum Time.

Not far behind in second place was the duo of Missy Bright from Campobello and Jan Smith from Columbus with a time of two hours, nine minutes, 21 seconds. Catherine Gillet from Tryon and Barbara Ketchum of Landrum missed out on the red ribbon by one second! They finished with the third place yellow with a time of two hours, nine minutes, 20 seconds!

Still under a minute off the optimum, fourth place was awarded to Valerie Quinn from Campobello and Bobby Turner from Spartanburg with a time of two hours, nine minutes, 16 seconds. Arlene Lulavage cemented fifth place with a time of two hours, eight minutes, 55 seconds. Rounding out the placements is the team of Susannah Francis from Mill Spring and Carrie Wilsey from Hendersonville with a time of two hours, eight minutes, 37 seconds.

Other Trail Riders out enjoying Mother Nature were Nellie Brennecke, Melissa Cameron, Doug and Nicole Cobb, Sandra Cribbs, Natalie Crombie, Michelle Drum, Michael Field, Joni Fielding, Lynn Fitch, Elizabeth Galloway, Michael Guire, Susan Haldeman, Cindy Hansult, Nancy Hasselbring, Laura Hendley, Susan Justus Hill, Kristen Hughes, Elaine and Michaela Hughes, Natalie Hyatt, Nikki Hynes, Janet Isaac, Cindy James, Charlotte Jones, Debbie Knebel, Lisa Kotalh, Lori Kunkel, Sue Lampton, Patti Lovelace, Donna Lowney, Connie Moore, DeAnna Norton, Beverly Ozman, Michele Parrish, Arden Pierce, Judith Possinger, Mary Jane Rice, Donna Searby, Jennifer Smith, Debbie Stanfield, Sydney Swenson, Ron Syrko, Wendy Tomlinson, Theresa Tyree, Judy Vogt, Lindsey Weicker, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Wilson, and Sherry Wyatt.

Up next for the 2016-2017 Hunter Place Series is the Windridge Farm Hunter Pace & Trail Ride on Sunday, March 5, 2017, with the rain date on March 12, 2017, followed by the Green Creek Hounds Spring Hunter Place and Trail ride on Sunday, March 19.

Check the website often for upcoming events, changes, and to view your photo taken by photographer Lou Smith. Check the classifieds as well at www.wchpace.org.

See you on the trails next time!

Submitted by Jan Smith

Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series

Series Standings at
Feb. 22, 2017

After nine of the possible seventeen scheduled events of the 2016-17 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, ties split while others resettle or continue as placements continue shifting, leaving the current standings as follows:

Total Riders: 616

Field Hunters: 233

Marcia Headrick is still in the lead with 37 series points to date. Angela Reichardt remains in second with 35 series points. Caleigh Reichardt is gaining ground and moved up into third place with 32 series points earned to date.

Debbie Croft has been pushed down to fourth place with 31 points at this writing. Rachel Turner has earned 30 points to date and is holding in fifth place. Amy Christensen is in sixth with 29 series points to date.

Amanda Aiello has moved up into seventh place with 26 points earned at this time. Nicola Deines has moved into eighth with 24 series points at this writing. Rebecca Tolson is in ninth with 23 points to date. Emily Mitchell is close behind in tenth place with 22 series points accumulated.

Diane Hicks and Richard Neel are just out of the placements at this time with 21 series points.

Christina Goen and Tracey Rouse have earned 20 points to date. Kelly Hart and Sylvia Riddle have 19 points apiece.

Melissa Champion and Aileen Wawrzaszek are tied with 18 series points at this time. Jamie Fritsch and Brittany Whitmire have each earned 16 points to date. Carla Fullam has earned 15 points at this time.

Heidi Trull has accumulated 14 series points to date. Stephanie Easler, and Erin and Reine Pagliano have each earned 13 series points at this time. Tim Giles and Donna Schwind have 12 points to date.

Holly Bacola, Kathy Bethka, Dana Cain, Leah Edwards, Amy Orsini, and Lyn Owen are tied with 11 points to date.

Heather Bounds, Tracy Estes, Kathy Hodge, Shauna Moore, Allen Wawrzaszek and Sanders Wyatt are have each earned 10 series points at this writing.

Hannah Bowers, Frances Brown, Pam Burrows, Kate Dilworth, Lorie Fleenor, Nina Hopper, Sam Johnson, Megan McCoy, Brenda McNenny, Monique Ravesloot, Levi Roper, and Shelle Russell each have an accumulation of nine series points to date.

Eight series points have been earned to date by Karen Brockway, Amy Gantt, Danielle Lamb, Nancy Mason, Peter Shanahan (second ride) and Theresa Tyree. Ann Brumback, Carolyn and Tom Cadier, Lauren Leistner, Ted Owen, Linda Plummer, Elise Rogers and Lisa West have each earned seven points at this writing.

Samantha Cason, Caprice Fullam, Desiree Hill, Nancy Klouda, Katherine Stancliff, Scott Tate, and Autumn and Stephanie Wanicka have six series points to date. Roberta Axelrod, Bryan Baire, Ann Fratcher, Pam Hilsman, Kelsey Hooper, Barbara Mobley, Jaime Robertson, Samantha Roubaud, Alan and Jenny Taylor and Linda Tesar have each earned five points at this writing.

Irene Backer, Mike Bass, Rachel Childers, Julie Cook-Walker, Samuel Crain, Cindy Davis, Richie Fleming, Elizabeth Greene, Shannon Jackson, Barbara Ketcham, Kim LaScala, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Heidi Mendez, Gena Meredith, Stephanie O’Neill, Jane Patten Polk, Sara Riggins, Casidie Rose, Susan and Terry Russell, Peter Shanahan, Brandon Spencer, TJ Vore and Lisa Woodson have earned four points apiece to date.

Michael Axelrod, Anna Dalton, Martha Hall, Anne McIver and Janine and Tom Stenson have each earned three series points at this time.

Two completion points apiece at this time for: Annie Ager, Korie Albright, Susan Anway, Maggie Arnold, Camille Bailey, Carrie Baris, Isabella Barker, Morgan Baudean, Dalton Bell, Arielle Berrios, Virginia Borthwick, Chelsea Brooks, Sydney Broussard, Jennifer Brown, Morgan Brown, Sandi Burgdof, Kathe Burklow, Regan Burrell, Rachel Butterworth-Tice, Zoe Carlin, Bryton Champion, Trevor Chavez, Cindy Clifton, Steph Culbertson, Callie Deines, Val DeVine, Becky Deyton, Mia Dube, Kaitlynn Dunegan, Trisha Dunn, Annette Eaton, John Erickson, Rachel Garcia, Katharine Geisler, Whitney Gillen, Beth Goldizen, Kendrick Govan, Elizabeth Gregory, Susan Haldeman, Paula Hammond, Betty Hill, Mary Hodgkin, Rebecca Horne, Anne and Rachel Howard, Renee Hudson, Sandra Hunter, Kristen Jarrett, Donald Jerfferis, Kris Johnson, Lilly Johnson, Alana Kaible, Cindy Kaufman, Carol Land, Carson Langston, Elyssa LaRock, Anna and Mary LaVigne, Keri Lewis, Carson Longstone, Christian Lopez, Natalie Luttrell, Caroline MacKey, Carson Manley, Saddie Mann, Jenna Marshman, Tiffany Mattos, Hanna Maupin, Sarah Maurer, Dean McKinney, Tess McNally, Andy Miles, Gabby Miller, Rachel Miller, Nelson Minnick, Bayliss Mitchell, Holly Mitchell, Catherine Mooneyham, Paula Moore, Anna and Madeline Mostrom, Carrie Nicholson, Taryn Page, Jennifer Perkins, Chandra Phelps, Katie Pierce, Jules Porter, Fern Powell, Asher Quinn, Crosby Reed, Brian Reischman, Diane Roemer, Suzanne Rogers, Emma Skelton, Lindsay Sloas, Monica Smyth, Lisa Spriggs, Kayla Stacy, Kirsten and Tom Stanley, Michelle Summer, Clare Summers, Tiffany Swiney, Eileen Taylor, Ettele Toole, Tom Trull, Victoria Ullique, Else Voorhees, Erin Walker, Julie Wallace, Regina Weeks, Karen Williams, Jenna Wilson, Jillian Wodridge, Shane Woodson and Amy Wooten.

Last, but certainly not least, with one series point each at this time we have Maggie Coombs and Alison Harp.

Trail Riders: 383

Missy Bright jumped into a tie with Bobby Turner for the lead with 39 series points apiece to date. Jan Smith has moved up into second place with 35 series points at this writing. Nikki Hynes is holding onto third with 31 points at this time.

DeAnna Norton has moved into fourth with 29 series points. Lynn Fitch have moved up to fifth place with an accumulation of 26 points at this writing. Doug and Nicole Cobb, Susan Haslam, Debbie Knebel, Karen Merrill, Valerie Quinn and Teresa Snyder are currently tied in sixth with 24 series points apiece at this time.

Michelle Drum, Kristen Hughes and Jennifer Smith are close behind in seventh place with 22 points apiece. Darleen Bullock, Sarah Lawing and Katlyn Lowder are tied in eighth with 21 points earned. Sharon Maxwell has earned 20 series points to date to put her in ninth place. Jennifer Wilson is in tenth place with 18 points at this writing.

Natalie Hyatt and Sydney Swenson are just out of the placements at this time with an accumulation of 17 series points. Arlene Lulavage and Connie Moore have 16 points apiece earned to date. Erin Fletcher, Lori Kunkel, and Forrest Samuels have each earned 15 points to date.

Joanna Cromartie, Cordelia Gaupo, and Emma Lane have 13 series points at this time. Evie Good, Lisa Kotalik, Lin Martin, and Carrie Wilsey have a current accumulation of 12 points apiece. Kristen Brown, Jackie Burke, Elizabeth Dicey, Tom Eizembor, Saylor Hardin, John Pierce, Jennifer R Smith, and Diane Wilson have each earned 11 series points at this writing.

Joleen Eizembor, Susannah Francis, Jennifer Gruhn, Bette Sumrell Mann, and Arden Pierce have 10 points accumulated. Charla Draper, Madlyn Fox, Cindy Hansult, Jessica Herndon, Cindy James, and Jeanine Pierce have a current count of nine points apiece.

Alexis Botchie, Destiney Edwards, Katheryn Eilders, Joy Griffin, Kathryn Gruhn, Nancy Hasselbring, Llyn Josef, Antje Richter, Donna Searby, Kim Sigmonl, and Sherry Wyatt have a current accumulation of eight series points each. Irene Backer, Hannah Bauchat, Catherine Gillet, Barbara Ketcham, Mary LaVigne, Barb Oklesen, Mary Stoehr, and Melissa Van Doren have each earned seven points to date.

Kathy Davis, Mimi Delaney, Elizabeth Galloway, Susie Justus Hill, Debra Kennerly, Rene McDaniel, Susan Melvin, Rebecca Murphy, Karyn Owen, Janna Ritacco, Joyce Smartt, Debbi Stanfield, Kate Walkonen, Lisa West, and Kris Yon have each earned six series points.

Kelsey Hudson, Claire Kennedy, Patti Lovelace, Amy Mims, Lyn and Ted Owen, and Lindsey Weicker have each earned five series points to date.

Four points apiece have been earned to date by: Beverly Baines, Allison Baskins, Karen Benson, Tara Boyce, Zoe Carlin, Stephanie Easler, Tom Erickson, Kyle and Olivia Farmer, Kelley Featheringill, Kay Fleenor, Rebecca France, Tracy Godfrey, Carolyne Groves, Dawn Harrison, Laura Hendley, Anne Howard, Renee Hudson, Tracey Hudson, Elaine and Michaela Hughes, Patricia Iacomini, Ginny Jennings, Jessica Johnson, Brenda Jozner, Susan Knickerbocker, Keri and Nancy Kruger, Christy Ledbetter, Ali Merritt, Rachel O’Brien, Jessica Owen, Beverly Ozmon, Dakota Poniatowski, Ann Ramsey, Ashley Reeves, Mary Jane Rice, Christine and Megan Salyer, Susette Schellin, Cathy Seager, Josie Smith, Lauren Smith, Janine and Tom Stenson, Ron Syrko, Emily Thomas, Wendy Tomlinson, Lisa Trojan, Theresa Tyree, Judi Vogt, Molly Watson, Aimee Williams, Olivia Wilsey, Maxine Winesett, and Kris Wynne.

Barbara Claussen, Ann and Tony Hubbuch, Sara and Teresa Lyter, Carol and C.R. Stanley, each have a current accumulation of three series points.

With two series points for a completion each: Lisa Anderson, Emoll Annettodges, Addison Arends, Melissa Baines, Bryan Baire, Becky Barnes, Margo Barrett, Jennifer Bayne, Ellen Bell, Melanie Bell, Laura Bierly, Jodie Blaisure, Brandon Blankenship, Cassidy Bock, Tammy Bodack, Gail Bolt, Brian Boyd, Joy Boyer, Randell Bradburn, Nellie Brennecke, Ann Bridges, Alaina and M.C. Brooks, Morgan Brown, Stephanie Brown, Susie Brown, Jackie Burt, Elizabeth and Marc Caldwell, Delia Callahan, Melissa Cameron, Candice Carr, Tevis Cazedessus, Katherine Christensen, Caroline Coates, Cathleen Coggins, Shannon Collett, Erika Conklin, Tonette Corn, Missy Covington, Lydia Cox, Carrie Crawford, Sandra Cribbs, Natalie Crombie, Heather Cross, Janet Cummings, Elaine Czarnecki, Sandy Dantone, Bob and Terri Davenport, Cheyenne Davis, Jennifer Dawdney, Mike Dechant, Cory Delehanty, Becky Deyton, Joanne Diimani, Gabrielle DiLemme, Sarah Dippy, Debbie Doscha, Della Driver, Cindy Easer, Chris Farrell, Michael Field, Joni Fielding, Amanda Fisher, Henry Fleming, Crystal Fogleman, Julie Frederick, Aery and Kimberly Freeman, Erin Gambrell, Sherry Garnes, Amy Gee, Sara Gibbens, Deana Gilliam, Debbie and Mike Godfrey, Beth Greene, Betsy Greenwood, Kristi Guimaraes, Michael Guire, Susan Haldeman, Tammy Hannah, Kimberly Hannu, Madison Harris, Robin Harward, Gena Haskell, Lynn Hatcock, Madeleine Hepting, Tara Herrero, Gwen Hill, Carol Anne Hodges, Sherrill Howard, Calisa Hughes,  Jamie Hutchins, Sandra Hyder, Janet Isaac, Susan Jackson, Marilu Jason, Lilly and Patti Johnson, Sherrie Johnson, Charlotte Jones, Megan Jornigan,  Jill Kelly, Linda Klimeiker, Susan Kocher, Cathie and Deb Kornacki, Mackenzie Kothe, Kelly Kuykendall, Sue Lampton, Linda Latimer, Kendall LeDuc, Ellen Lewis, Keri Lewis, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Britney Link, Meg Littleton, Martha Love, Madison Lovelace, Brent Lowery, Donna Lowney, Jennifer Martell, Rebecca McCall, Hannah and Sarah McClintock, Connie McConnell, Soline McGee, Anna-Kelly McGonigle, Deanna Mcilwain, Heidi Mendez, Courtney Meyer, Larrie Jo Miller, Cynthia Milligan, Elizabeth Minewiser, Marianne Moore, Paula Moore, Donna Morris, Gretchen Mullinax, Mariah Narup, Allison Neely, Carol Neely, Kaitlyn Owen, Shirley Palmer, Michele Parrish, Gail Patton, Ditte Phillips, Jamie Pierce, Katie Pierce, Madeline Pipitone, Boyce Pitts, Traci Pless, Linda Plummer, Eva Pool, Stephanie Poole, Judith Possinger, Brooke and Shana Proffit, Laurel Pyatt, Anna Rahing, Lacey Ramey, Ali Ranson, Monique Ravesloot, Allison Rhyne, Wendy Schonfeld, Leslie B Scott, Ruth Shaw, Kayce Shelton, Daniel Short, Cindy Smith, Jennifer D Smith, Shelby Stewart, Andrea Stoll, Brooke Storms, Kristi Suber, Ivey Sumrell, Scott Tate, Pamela Temby, Donna Thomas, Virginia Thompson, Debbie Thrasher, Leonore Threlkill, Katie Tighe, Terri Tilghman, Willow Tomlinson, Heidi Trull, Treva Walters, Felicity Waugh, Sherry Webb, Ginny Weber, Lilia White, Frederike Wilday, Kathryn Wilkie, Michelle Williams, Debra Witt, Patricia Woods, D’Lee Worden, Sam Worley, and A.K.Zimmerman.

Last, but certainly not least, one attendance point apiece has been earned by Jennifer Bannister, Cindy Boyle, Clarence Chambers, Benay Daniel, Jill Davis, Kat Dooley, Shawn Fetzer, Suess Fraser, Charles Gregory, Makenna Holden, Mary Holtschaw, Crystal Hooper, Larry Huff, Dru Kennedy, Lisa Maloney, Anne and Richard Pierce, Anne Schmid, Mary Schultz-Rathbun, Alexandra Spencer, Yasmin Straitiff, Bonnie Whisnant, Emma Whitaker, and Caroline and Wade Young.

Next up on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series will be the beautiful Windridge Farm’s Spring event scheduled for, Sunday, March 5, followed by the Green Creek Hounds on Sunday, March 19 and then the Tryon Hounds on Sunday, April 2. The series will continue into the end of May with our year end gathering and awards in late June, so be sure to check the schedule and come play with us.

Always remember to check the website WCHPace.org for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.

Thank you to our photographer, Lou Smith, for being at every event to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Store” on the website to view the pictures and scroll thru the list on the left to find the album you want to check next. If you like, you can place an order online.

For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series e-mail Series Coordinator, Jan Smith at WCHPace@Windstream.net or through the website to Jan@WCHPace.org or call Jan at 828-894-8760.