Accessories: The element that makes your home personal

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Photo by Grace Seidman

The items that we choose to live surrounded by tell a story about who we are, what we love and cherish, what is important to us, and the road we have travelled through life.

Many people would think that my home is too full of things, however, they tell a story about where I come from. I have family portraits and antiques and rugs that go back generations. They represent my family, my roots and my belief that we all need continuity in our lives. I grew up living all over the world and have travelled extensively. My art and things I have collected in my travels bring me back to foreign places and many memories. Gifts from friends that have great meaning sit side by side with things I have collected. All of this enriches my daily life and tells my story when I share my home with friends.

Less is more is not in my personal vocabulary but I understand its aesthetic for many people. Here it is more important to curate and cull your accessories and art and use only those that have the greatest meaning and bring you the greatest joy when living with them. In my tiny powder room I hung a large print of a beautiful scene in Venice. The walls were painted with a lighter blue Venetian plaster and the picture was stunning. This made a much better statement than a group of small pictures would have in this space. I kept it simple. I do this for a lot of clients that prefer a less is more interior. Keeping it simple however doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have warmth, personality and style. This is where color can play a huge roll, even if it is a neutral or soft color.

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Less is more is often used when styling a home to put it on the real estate market. You don’t want to strip it down to so that it is a house that has no appeal. You still want someone to walk in and feel the warmth and comfort of home.

As well as the things you cherish and want to be surrounded with I find that plants and flowers are an essential ingredient to every room. They bring the outside in. Green plants soothe the soul. Flowers are lovely and bring you joy. This was something that the English have always understood, especially living in their often-gray climate. Many people are against artificial flowers but today there are many very good ones out there. Never buy plastic flowers but there are some very good polyester flowers and plants available at a reasonable cost. Silk flowers can be expensive but last for years and look really beautiful. I have a silk lavender plant in an urn that looks so real people go over to smell it. I have had it for years.  Do some research and see what is available and what you can afford.

Gather all the things you love the most, cull through them and display the art, accessories and books that tell your story and make your home a special and personal place.

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