Love stories shared on the Bulletin’s Facebook page

Published 10:00 pm Monday, February 13, 2017

Amanda McCrohan: My husband and I met each other through a paranormal society (like T.A.P.S.)

Samantha Long: I met my husband at a football game at Polk County High School nearly 10 years ago. And we got married 6 years ago. Its been a rough ride with plenty of ups and downs. But I wouldn’t trade even the worse days for anything. They have only made us stronger. The whole world wanted us apart and told us it would never work out. But here we are, happily married and still best friends. I love you Randy Long. Happy Valentine’s Day !

Shelly Martinets: In the summer of 2015 I kept seeing this cute ginger-bearded guy at the Tryon Laundromat. We both went on Sunday afternoons and always ended up catching each other’s eye. Finally, after seeing each other there 4 or 5 times (and carefully watching what kinds of clothes he was washing to ensure he wasn’t doing laundry for a wife as well), I spoke to him. We ended up sitting outside on the bench and talking the day away. Still together and tying the knot in a few months. I knew he was the one, the first time he smiled at me.

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