Pray for success, not failure

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, February 7, 2017

According to Maryneal Jones’ Feb. 1 letter to the editor, she is praying for President Trump to fail in his attempts to make America great, safe and strong again. In her letter she highlights 12 issues of concern. I think her liberal slant on these issues represents hysteria, misinformation, and a closed mind. I disagree with all her statements.

I have some breaking news for Maryneal – America rejected the far left ideology of Obama and Hillary this past November. The last eight years of Obama damaged our economic growth and crushed the middle class, weakened our military and our global standing, and grew the central government into an overreaching and intrusive beast. Hillary lost because she was a lousy candidate and her thirty years of corruption and far left positions just wasn’t acceptable to the American voters this election. Praise Jesus!

The purpose of my letter is not to break down each of Maryneal’s statements, but rather to encourage all Trump supporters to stand up against the far left’s planned daily attacks against President Trump and his goals to make America great, safe, and strong again.

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The radical left is well funded by domestic and foreign sources and there is no doubt they own the liberal media (including sports), pop culture, Hollywood, and academics. Even though the extreme left no longer has a monopoly on information content and flow – they are certainly a force with many influential tentacles. Do not believe them. Their paid agitators and anarchists will try to scare and discourage you. These folks are full of hate and will try to crush any opposing beliefs and opinions with violence, fake news, and lies.

President Donald J. Trump is who we have been waiting for – protect his back, stay on offense, and let’s make America great again.

Bob Wolfe, Tryon, N.C.